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Sophie Paul Designs Camera Strap Cover

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I had the opportunity to work with sophie paul designs and review their camera strap covers. I personally am a hobby photographer, shooting with a Canon SLR. I was very excited to be able to receive a camera strap cover to make my camera look so much cuter! 🙂
I am typically using my camera every day so I have had lots of opportunities to use this camera strap cover.
I have had nothing but positive, kind conversations with sophie paul designs. They are very quick to reply to all my emails and questions and are very easy to work with. I instantly was able to tell that they deal very professionally with all of their customers.
It always makes shopping easier and more pleasant when the company that you work with works with professionalism. Shipping was also very fast. I was grateful for the opportunity to work with them.
There were four main things that stood out for me in doing this review.
1. Quality
2. Fabric
3. Comfort
4. Lens cap pocket
The quality and construction of the camera strap cover is really nice. They did a wonderful job making it and I can tell that with the high quality, that it will last for a long time. Since starting to use it, I haven’t had any problems and it still looks brand new.
The quality of the fabric is great and I can tell it will hold up really well. They are very talented at sophie paul designs and they do professional work. Personally, I think all SLR’s look better with a great camera strap cover, so I definitely recommend sophie paul designs for their high quality camera strap covers.
I was very excited when I received my camera strap cover in the mail. I am a lover of cute fabric, and sophie paul designs uses the best in adorable fabric as well as best in quality of fabric. I loved her use of bright colors and designs.
I was able to review her green, blue and yellow paisley camera strap and I love everything about the look of it! Check out some of these other extra cute fabric choices:
Each cover is lined with a layer of fleece for extra comfort. This is one thing that is very important with me in using a camera strap. Since I use my camera all time time, sometimes with the regular Canon camera strap it would start digging into my shoulder and really start to hurt.
I am happy to say that using a camera strap covers has increased my comfort level. I don’t notice any discomfort and can enjoy shooting pictures for longer. The fabric is very soft and the fleece liner really adds to the level of comfort.
I don’t know about you, but when it comes to the lens cap, I feel like it makes me feel like i’ve lost my mind, quite often.
I can’t tell you how many times, I pull out my camera to take pictures and then when I am finished, it takes me ten minutes to find where I had set my lens cap down. It happens often for me, and can get pretty frustrating. When I saw that this camera strap cover had a lens pocket on it, I was VERY excited!
This has helped me so much because now I am in the habit of sticking the lens cap right into the pocket and it never gets lost! This feature is a HUGE plus for me!! Isn’t this great!


I loved having the opportunity to review this camera strap cover. Its always nice to find high quality product. I love it when sophie paul designs says, “My style is clean, simple and classic – I focus on the use of photos, color, typography, and minimal embellishments in order to tell your story.”

I think that this perfectly describes the camera strap covers. I give this item an excellent in rating and would recommend it to everyone who wants to enhance the look and style of their camera!

Feel free to check out her website to learn more about Sonya Coates Photography.
Thank you sophie paul designs for allowing me to review your product!
Disclosure: This review is based on my own honest unbiased opinion of sophie paul designs. I received a product from sophie paul designs to review. You may or may not agree with my opinion. Sophie paul designs was not involved in the writing of this post.


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