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I receive a Sol Republic PUNK Wireless Speaker for review.  All opinions are my own.

One of my favorite things in life is music.  It sets the mood, livens the pace, slows things down, brings us up, cools us down.  I am always in search of cool technology to bring more of my life’s soundtrack volume up whenever and wherever needed.  Once again Sol Republic comes through again.  Much like the Deck, the Punk, is a new bluetooth enabled, ultra compact, portable speaker system that helps you fill your life with your own personal soundtrack. The Punk is designed for durability and portability.  It is shock, dust and water resistant, with a bright impact resistant outer covering.  It comes in several bright colors to meet your style, black, Horizon Blue, Fluoro Red, Cargo, Navy, Lemon Lime and Ion Green.

To added to the portability, the Punk features a quarter inch threaded mount that fits most bike mount and camera mount systems.  It doesn’t include any mounts but for the avid cyclist, mountain cyclist, beach cruiser, grab your favorite handle bar camera mount and take your music on the road, trail, or beach.
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The Punk has incredible bluetooth range.  At up to 60 ft of range, it leaves it’s competitors in the dust.  I love the freedom to fire up the Punk and keep my phone in my pocket while I freely move about.  Being tether free is great, but the range on the Punk makes it incredible.
Just like it’s big brother, the Deck, it has convenient, large button controls that allow you to advance, repeat, and pause songs, as well as adjust the volume.  The charging port, as well as the aux lines in and out, are protected by a flap of the same rubberized material as the rest of the body, protecting from water and dirt intrusion.  You can also link additional Punk speakers together with at the provided aux to aux cable allowing for increased audio output if you should so desire.
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The Punk does not have speaker phone capabilities or a carrying case as the Deck has.  I personally don’t find myself keeping my Deck in it’s case so that is not a big deal.  I love the speakerphone capabilities the Deck has and would have loved to have that on the Punk for taking calls on bike with ease.  But my guess is the wind noise would have made calls on the move a little less that enjoyable.  Besides… getting out on my bike with my tunes, I don’t really want to be disturbed!
For the music lover who wants a compact, mountable speaker system for their outdoor adventures, the Punk is the device for you.  As with every Sol Republic audio device, the sound quality is amazing and leaves little to be desired. We have decided to add the Sol Republic PUNK Wireless Speaker to our holiday gift guide because it is a fantastic Wireless Speaker that your gift recipient would love to receive!  The Sol Republic PUNK Wireless Speaker Retails for $69.99 and is available on Amazon.

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