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Sol Republic DECK Wireless Speakers

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 I received Sol Republic DECK Wireless Speakers for review.  All opinions are my own.

You may remember my posting about an awesome set of wireless headphones by Sol Republic (I am wearing them right now as I write this!).  When it comes to acoustic awesomeness, Sol Republic just keeps on providing the devices to power the sound track of your life.  I had the opportunity to use their new Sol Republic DECK Wireless Speakers. At first I wasn’t sure how much I would use this little portable sound box.  I work at a computer all day making movie visual effects magic and my fellow artists wouldn’t dig my blaring tunes around the office.  But as I love cool tech gadgets, I thought I would give it a play.

The first time using the Deck was at home in my kitchen.  Just like my Sol Republic wireless headphones the pairing to my iPad was easier done than typing this sentence.  Instantly, my mind was blown.  How did this little device fill my kitchen with so much sound.  The acoustics are crisp and clean with plenty of bass to rock the room.  Immediately I was looking for ways to enhance my life’s soundtrack with this little device. iPad and movies outside with the kids, gardening while listening to Led Zeppelin, and not to mention listen to all the GIANTS baseball games in amazing audio as they blazed their way to the World Series!  All my digital devices now have room filling power!
A fun function that I have yet to utilize much is the dj function.  You can pair up to four devices and have a dj battle, putting up your favorite tunes and playlists!  Now I just need some friends and the battle will commence.
My favorite function and how it has become an everyday player in my digital device lineup is the phone integration.  If you are like me and drive an older vehicle, you don’t have a fancy stereo with bluetooth or any way to connect your phone into the cars speakers.  I could go buy a new car stereo, but like most of us these days I am on a tight budget.  One day on my drive into work I brought the Sol Republic Deck with me and placed it on the center console and made some calls on my way into work.  You can answer calls with the push of a button and there are two large volume buttons for easy adjustment while never taking your eyes off the road. Hands free has never been so awesome in my low-tech truck.  Clear audio, a great microphone, it has become a must when driving.  On top of that, paired with my iPhone, I am able to listen to my favorite songs in cabin filling acoustic brilliance without radio stations or static.  A call comes in… no problem.  The music pauses as the call comes in and resumes when it terminates.  This has upgraded not only my digital devices but my automobile as well. Sol Republic delivers again!
Are you looking for a gift for that music lover in your life?  You know, the one who has there own soundtrack playing every step of the way?!  Well look no further.  Sol Republic has produced an incredible product that is durable, fun, functional, and sounds amazing.  It has replaced my other bluetooth speakers in almost every situation.
To purchase the Sol Republic DECK Wireless Speakers, go to Amazon.  They are on sale for only $112.00!

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