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I received product from SoCozy for review.  All opinions are my own.

I have straight hair.  The kind of straight hair that when you use a curling iron or curlers, magically, your hair still is straight.  I can’t hold a curl, not matter how hard I tried. My husband has straight hair, too.  Imagine our surprise when our first two kids had curly hair.  And when I say curly, I don’t mean wavy.  They have the most amazing, beautiful curls.  With my son, it is really easy for me, because when we keep his hair short it is easy to take care of.   My daughter on the other hand, even after 9 years, I struggle on taming her curls.  I was excited to work with SoCozy for a review in hopes that I would be able to finally find a product that worked with my daughters hair. If you have curls you know that if you don’t have good product, your have potential for some seriously crazy, unmanageable hair!  Here are the items that I received to review:


Cinch 3 in 1 Shampoo + conditioner in Mango-Go.  $11.95 for 8 oz.  An easy way to be squeaky clean from head to toe.


Cinch Super Hydrating Conditioner in Berry-Whip. $11.95 for 8 oz.  This super-luxe hydrating conditioner moisturizes and nourishes hair while it detangles.


Cinch Detangler + Leave in Conditioner in Fruit-tutti.  $11.95 for 8 oz.  Just spray in, comb and you’re done.  No tugging, no pulling, no tears or tangles.  This gentle, weightless conditioner detangles as it nourishes and hydrates for the soft, silky tresses.



Behave Styling Mousse in Peachy-Keen. $11.95 for 6 oz.  Boosts volume, defines curls and tames flyaways and frizz while leaving hair soft and manageable.

The first thing you will notice when you use SoCozy product is that it SMELLS AMAZING!  Seriously, the best smelling ever.  I opened the box when we received our package and it smelled fantastic.  My daughter commented on this the first time she used the product, too, was how good it smelled. I love this product because it is salon-quality, but also contains to harmful chemicals, toxins, or parabens.  SoCozy is free of gluten, wheat and nuts so as a parent you can feel good about using this product on your kids.



As part of this review we received a fantastic book called Cozy’s Complete Guide to Girls’ Hair that teachers you lots of great tips for hair as well as cute hairstyles.  The best part was many of the hairstyles look adorable and are easy to do.  Going back to school, my daughter loves cute hairstyles but with all her curls, sometimes it is just too hard to do.  I found the style above, in the Cozy’s Complete Guide to Girls’ Hair book and it looked cute, took thirty seconds and she was happy.  For me, her hair does not take thirty seconds.  I typically takes a while to comb through the tangles and manage the crazy, but after washing with SoCozy product and following up with their styling mousse, her hair was soft, tangle free and manageable.  I had to send her to school though with wet hair.  The real test is to see how her hair is when she gets home.  After a long day of school, her hair often gets frizzy and out of control.



She came home with managed, beautiful soft curls!  The SoCozy product really helped her have the perfect Back to School hair style!  My daughter was happy and I was thrilled to have a product that not only made her hair look fantastic, but cut down our getting ready time because her hair was manageable and tangle-free!

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