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One of the most frustrating things about being a parent is how expensive it costs to buy so many things for your kids because they need a different item for each stage of their life.  Take a bike for example.  When they are under a year-2 years or so they are really too young for a bike so you buy them a stroller and push them around for a while.  They grow up want more freedom so you have to buy a small trainer bike for them until they are ready for a real bike.  By the time you get them to a real bike you have already spent hundreds of dollars and the items you bought are still in great shape sitting in your garage because your kid only used it for a few months.  
Guess what.  Great news for parents out there.   This is no longer the case.  No more storing different bikes and different strollers to gather dust.  No more buying item after item as they grow through their different stages.  I think this is fabulous.  What if I told you that the Dream Team at Smart Trike developed an incredible transforming trike that GROWS with your child!  Did you catch that?  GROWS with them, meaning you don’t need to buy something new, this takes your child from 10+ months all the way to 36 months!  How awesome is that!  I think its fabulous.  Its easy, convenient, saves you money, great use of money and looks really cool.  
So the Smart Trike has four stages.  My daughter is only one, so we are still on Stage one which I love because this means with one product, we still get to go through stage two, three AND four!  Love.  
Stage 1 is for ages 10+.  At this age, your kid is excited to be out and about, but we all know that they can’t do much for themselves at this age, so stage 1 is Parent controlled.  With stage 1 there is extra back support, and enhanced steering experience with the touch of steering and handle bar clutch that neutralizes the handlebar. 
We will be at Stage 2 soon.  The nice thing about this product is your child is ready for the next stage at the appropriate age.  Normally, you buy your 3 year old a bike and they have no clue what to do, but with the Smart Trike they have learned a long the way.  Stage 2 is 18+ months.  This is the Guided Trike stage where the parent still has control, but now the little one can sit up unaided and you can remove the extra padding a back support.  The handlebars still remain for your child’s safety.
Stage 3 starts at 24 months and is the Training trike stage.  In this stage the footrest is folded in and the pedals are folded out so your child can start understand the use of the pedals.  The handlebar clutch is also pushed so your child can learn handlebar movement.
Stage 4 is the classic trike stage and goes from around 30-36 months, depending on your child.  At this point, they have mastered the pedals and handlebars  that the parent handle can now be removed, the clutch is pushed and your child can now ride their Smart Trike around.  Independently and Confidently.
I love this set-up.  It is genius that it grows with your child and really is so much fun.  My kids love being outdoors so this allows my daughter to be outdoors with the rest of them.  My other kids have been slow bike learners but I know with the progression of the Smart Trike that Lily will learn easy and confidently how to ride her bike.
Since my daughter is only 1, we are still in Stage 1.  She loves going out for a ride, but her favorite part at this stage other than being outside is probably the phone.  She loves this and spends most of her time pressing the buttons and pretending that she is talking!

In stage 1 there is a foot rest that is perfect height for your child so you don’t have to worry about their legs hanging.  It is very comfortable for your child and my daughters feet rested on this the whole time.  
This shows an example of how the Pedals are down for the younger ages, but when she eventually moves to stage 3, we will fold out the pedal so she can start learning how to ride.

The Smart Trike has a cup holder which comes in handy at Lily’s age because we are always in need of a drink in hand when we are out for a walk.

There is a moveable shade over my daughter that helps protect her from the sun. I love this feature and it helps me more confidently take her out for a ride.

On the parent handle, you will find a pouch which I think is fabulous.  Normally when I am going out for a walk, I don’t want to bring my purse along so this pouch has plenty of room for me to store diapers, wipes, phone and keys.  I can have everything I need without the added bulk.

If you do need extra storage, though, there is a spot at the bottom of the Smart Trike.  I have used this spot to keep snacks and a blanket incase Lily gets cold.

I think it is so cute that when my daughter isn’t holding on to the phone, she is holding on to the handlebars.  This is a great feature to have early on because it will make the handlebars natural to hold for your child but also gives them security and extra hold when they are out for a ride.
To help keep your child safe when they are riding in the Smart Trike has padded straps to buckle your child safely into their position.  I have used my Smart Trike as a replacement to my stroller because my daughter is comfortable and seems to have a lot more fun.

My daughter is all smiles as she goes for a ride!  The technology of the Smart Trike 4-in-1 Dream Trike is wonderful.  We love this item and would recommend it for the holidays or for a 1st birthday gift.  This is definitely a gift that will not disappoint!
I know what you are thinking though.  I haven’t touched one major point about the Smart Trike.  How does it drive?
This is probably one of the most important features to me.  The Smart Trike is incredibly light weight.  This is one of the reasons I love it.  It is much more light weight then a stroller which makes it super easy to maneuver.  I received a phone call when I was going for a walk so I spent most of the time push Lily with just one hand and it was so easy.  It drove great and was a very smooth ride.  
The Smart Trike Dream has the Dream Touch Steering Swivel Wheel with “Touch Steering” technology.  This helps you to maneuver the trike with the lightest touch.   The Smart Trike really is so easy to drive.  
From start to finish, I was very impressed with the Smart Trike.  I look forward to going through the other stages with my daughter and love that I don’t have to get her any other bikes along the way.  From 10+ months -36 months, all we need is the Smart Trike!
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