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I received samples of Shirley J Mugging Cake in a Mug and cookie mixes for review.  All opinions are my own. 

I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Shirley J on a review.  I hadn’t heard of the brand before the review but their product will stock our pantry year round because it is convenient and delicious.  I had the opportunity to review a selection of their products: 

–  2 Shirley J Holiday Mugs (Santa Mustache & Snowflake designs)
– Sample of each of the 8 Mugging flavors
– Coconutty Macaroon Cookie Mix
– Ginger Molasses Cookie Mix
– Sugar Cookie Mix
 – Oatmeal Jumbles Cookie Mix
We have not yet had the opportunity to try everything but we have been impressed with each and every product that we have tried so far.  Being a mom of four, I highly appreciate Shirley J product  because they take the difficult out of cooking.  The Mugging Cakes are microwaveable and taste great.  My oldest kids love it because when they are in the mood for a treat, this is something that they can easily make for themselves, and it is ready in minutes.  The Cookie mixes are fantastic because they are just add water (or a few ingredients) mixes so you don’t have to worry about having a million ingredients on hand.  
One of our favorites is the Chocolate Brownie Mugging Cake.  
All you do, is add your mix to your mug, add water, stir and microwave.  It doesn’t get easier than that. Plus it tastes delicious!  Talk about a win/win situation!  If you are feeling creative, you can take some creative liberties and add chocolate chips, whipped cream or other sweet treats.  I added marshmallows and caramels to mine before cooking, and then whipped cream after and it was simply delicious.  I think I might have to go upstairs and making myself another one right now, because now i’m hungry for one! 🙂 
The Shirley J Soft Ginger-Molasses Cookie Mix was my husbands favorite cookie.  This was super easy to make and tasted delicious.  As suggested, I rolled my cookies in sugar and they tasted great.  We had some family come over for cookies and hot chocolate after sledding, and these Soft Ginger-Molasses Cookies were an instant hit.  I recommend taking them out a little sooner than you would think so they stay nice and soft. 

 Alright, I said the Ginger-Molasses Cookie was my husbands favorite, but actually, this one was probably tied for favorite.   He is a huge coconut fan so they were right up his alley.  Notice on the mix above.  Just add hot water.  Seriously, does it get easier than that?  They were fast and easy to make.  I decided to dip half of mine in chocolate for an extra treat.  
 The cookie mixes come in re-sealable bags so I used the Oatmeal Jumbles for two completely different purposes.  First, I cooked up a batch of Oatmeal Chocolate Cookies and they were soft, moist and SO delicious.  This by far was my favorite cookie.  I loved the cookies so much that I decided to make them again.  This time, I made them bite size, and mixed them into my homemade Caramel Chocolate chip Oatmeal Cookie Ice Cream.  They softness of the cookies really made the Ice Cream delicious!

My kids loved the Mugging Cakes.  One of their favorites was the No-pan pancake.  Yes, its as easy as it sounds.  Add your mix and water, stir and microwave.  We opted to add Maple syrup right to the mix before cooking and Whipped cream after.  This is a perfect, fast and easy breakfast option if you are on the go.

This time of year seems to be all about baking.  I get so busy trying to get everything done, that the idea of a just add water cookie is fabulous to me.  Especially when they taste as good as the Shirley J product taste.  

You can purchase Shirley J Product online or Shirley J Mugging (Cake in a Mug) Mixes and Gourmet Cookie Mixes are now available at the following grocery stores: Maceys, Fresh Market, Dan’s Market, Dick’s Fresh Market, Lin’s Fresh Market, Ridley’s Family Markets.


One lucky Momsreview4you reader will win a Shirley J Prize Pack including:
1 Mug
3 Mugging flavors (winner’s choice)
1 cookie mix (winner’s choice)

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