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Shelf Safe Milk- Wholesome Goodness. Anytime. Anywhere. #MilkUnleashed

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Shelf Safe milk is something that I think people don’t know enough about.  Unfortunately, I think people think, “put milk on my shelf?  no way, it’ll spoil!” and don’t even think twice.  But what they don’t know, is that it is safe, convenient and nutritious!  PLUS, has a shelf life of 6-9 months! Yep, I said 6-9 months!  I was one of those skeptical, but after a great call with Giovanna Lemos, Tetra Pak Communications Manager and Judy Lynes & Jannette Rizk, Phelps from the Tetra Pak PR Team, many of my questions and concerns were answered.  Hopefully I will be able to answer some of your questions. 

Lets start with the basics. 

What is Shelf Safe Milk?
  • Shelf safe milk is the real milk that you’re used to! It is just processed and packaged in a different way.  
  • Grade A fluid milk that requires no refrigeration until the package is opened.  
  • Same nutritional profile as refrigerated milk.

Did you get that?  Shelf safe milk is THE REAL MILK THAT YOU’RE USED TO. I thought that was pretty cool.  That was my biggest concern.  I didn’t want it to taste weird, or different, but its the same stuff you normally drink.  Just processed and packaged differently.

So how is this possible?


Shelf Safe Milk Packaging Process:
  • Shelf safe milk has been pasteurized at an Ultra High Temperature (UHT) for a shorter time, to preserve taste and nutrition
    • Milk is exposed to intense heating to temperatures from 275-284°F for only three seconds  
    • Passes through heating and cooling stages in quick succession
So I understand what it is and the process, but what makes it different enough that the shelf life is so much longer? I think obviously, the process is a big part of that, but another important factor is the packaging. In is made of many layers to help seal and protect the milk. Here is a photo that shows the layers:

Seriously, Shelf Safe Milk is an easy and nutritious way for moms to provide real milk safely to their children – anytime, anywhere – without the restrictions of refrigeration. Lets brainstorm about this for a minute. Anytime, anywhere. What exactly does this mean? Picnics, Long Car rides, school lunches, vacations… put it in your diaper bag when you are ready to leave, perfect for when your kids are thirsty and want a nutritious drink. I really got thinking about this with my own kids. It is so often that they have milk with their cereal in the morning and not drink it again during the day. I think its fabulous to have it so convenient that they can drink it whenever they want. I will be adding Shelf Safe milk to my kids lunch boxes this school year. What kid wouldn’t want this:

So we know now that shelf safe milk is convenient and nutritious but I want to focus on the long shelf life. 6-9 months!  Is that not awesome.  My kids are up and down with their milk consumption.  Some weeks they drink a lot, and other weeks, not so much.  I feel like we have the constant battle of never having enough milk, or having too much and it goes bad before we can use it!  I love the idea of stocking the pantry with Shelf Safe milk because then you only get out what you need, but if you need more, you have it!

Tip: Get ready, this is genius… 😉 They shared this tip and I thought it was really smart.  Since shelf safe milk lasts 6-9 months, switch your milk cartons in the pantry around daylight savings times so you always have ready-to-use milk handy.

At the end of the call, we had the opportunity to ask any questions that we had.  There were many great questions asked.  I thought that I would share my favorites with you.



  • Many stores carry shelf safe milk in a variety of sizes and options, including organic, nutritionally enhanced and flavored milks. You can find it at your local grocery store, Costco, or online at If you can’t find it at your local store, make sure and ask! Sometimes it is in the refrigerated section or with the bakery items!

For more information about Shelf Safe milk you can visit the Milk Unleashed Website.  There you will find tips, news, downloadable games, snack ideas and more.  You can also Like Milk Unleashed on Facebook and Follow @milkunleashed on twitter. For lunchbox ideas, projects and healthy snacks follow Milk Unleashed on Pinterest!

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