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Did you know that you can Make Your Own DIY Candles with Sand?

Do you love spending the summer at the beach? I know that I do! Here is a great activity that you can do with your kids when you are at the beach. It is really easy and a LOT of fun!!

Make Your Own DIY Candles with Sand

shells- optional
Wet the sand and mix it for an even consistency. Scoop a hole in the sand for the size candle you want. Flatten out the bottom to give the candle a base. Push the wick into the middle of the hole and tie the other end to a stick that will rest across the top of the bucket to keep it taut. Roll the stick if necessary to take up the slack. Push seashells into the side of the sand if desired. Melt wax in a sauce pan on beach grill. Gently pour wax into the sand hole. Let harden. Lift out of sand. Brush off loose sand.

These is what it looked like when we were making them: Each separate color is a different candle. We made pumpkin spice, lavender, green apple, and christmas tree candles.