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This post is sponsored by RootsTech.  All opinions are my own.


I am excited to announce that I am a RootsTech Ambassador!  This is a conference that I am really looking forward to because it is very family oriented.  I will have the opportunity to learn all about my family history which is sometime that I have been interested in studying for a long time.  “RootsTech, hosted by FamilySearch, is the largest family history event in the world! The fifth annual conference—celebrating families across generations—is the perfect place to discover and share your family’s stories and connections through technology. At RootsTech, there is something for you, regardless of your experience in family history or your skill in technology.”

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This event is a 3-day event  in febuary where you will have the opportunity to attend more than 200 classes, “ranging from using social media as a family history resource to the most recent discoveries in DNA research”. There will also be an expo hall where you can speak to hundreds of exhibitors and sponsors.  At RootsTech you will also find an interactive booth that will help assist you in your family history journey.  You will quickly which that this conference was more than 3 days because there is so much to learn!

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What is RootsTech?

“RootsTech is a global family history event, where people of all ages learn to discover, share and celebrate their family connections across generations through technology. At RootsTech, there is something for everyone, no matter your experience in family history or your skill level in technology.”

So Why should you attend?  Not only are there over 200 amazing classes where you can learn all about your family history but there are also amazing Key Note Speakers and performances.  Here are some of the speakers and performers you will see at RootsTech:

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If that isn’t enough to get you excited for this event, head on over to the RootsTech website where you can find the answers to all your questions.  I recommend checking out The Family Discovery Day where you can take your older kids in on Saturday to learn how they can get involved in Family History.  This is a free event, so make sure and add it to your pass.

How About a GIVEAWAY??!! Who wants to Win a free ticket?

RootsTech Giveaway (1)  RootsTech will be held on February 12-14, 2015 at the Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City, Utah.  I am very excited to be able to give away a 3 day pass to this event!  With this 3-day pass you will receive:

  • over 200 classes

  • Keynotes

  • General sessions

  • Getting Started classes

  • Expo hall

  • Evening events

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