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Project Life- Meeting Becky Higgins

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Seriously, I have the cutest daughter ever.  I adore her.  A few weeks ago I mentioned the new Stampin Up/Project Life partnership  and that I had the opportunity to do Project Life for the first time.  Just weeks later, I am completely caught up in 2014 and have done about 50 pages.  It really is the best thing ever.  If I am feeling busy, I can just add cards and photos.  If I am more time I can round corners, embellish and journal.  I love having the memories documented in a book that we can look through again and again.  One really neat thing that has come out of this is that my nine year old daughter has shown interest in Project Life.  I bought her a mini album and cards and we have been doing Project Life together. I love this time with her and seeing her excitement of documenting her memories and seeing her journaling in her own handwriting.  These books are truly going to be a treasure for her and her kids.

I heard this week that Becky Higgins was going to be in Orem at Persnickety Prints for a fun event.  I told my daughter about it and she was so excited to go.  Like seriously cute, excited.  To her, Becky Higgins is a serious celebrity because she CREATED project life.  How cool is that!  🙂  She cracked me up because she was so nervous to meet Becky and really wanted to show Becky her album.  We got to the event a little early, which ended up being really convenient because the most heavenly goodness was parked in the parking lot. Seriously, aren’t food trucks the best thing ever?


Yeah,  those are donuts.  Art City Donuts are amazing.  We got Muddy Buddy (rolled in powdered sugar and covered in Peanut Butter Sauce and Chocolate Sauce) and Strawberry Shortcake (Glaze, Strawberries and whipped cream).  So incredibly Yummy.  When then even finally started, we joined a whole lot of awesome Project Life-ers in a long line to meet Becky Higgins.  I thought it was really cute, Becky’s parents were at the event with her and her dad took the time to look through every page of my daughters album with her and asked her lots of questions about it.  This really made my daughter feel good!



Finally it was time to meet Becky!  My daughter was so nervous.  Becky was so kind and looked through my daughters whole album, asked her questions, autographed and project life card and took a picture with her.  Lauren said that Becky is SO pretty and super nice!



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