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I am about to start Potty Training. Yep, I said it.  Potty. Training.  Sigh.  For most, these two words are followed by a sigh, stress and frustration. Did I mention this “Potty Training” is for my FOURTH kid.  Yep, I have done it three times already, and still those two words are frustratingly followed by a sigh.  You think I would be a pro by now, but i’m not.  Why?  Because each kid is different.  What works for one, may not work for any of the others.  Each time is unique and different. So each kid needs to be approached differently.  It will be at different ages, some will be faster than others and some will simply refuse. But three of them ARE potty trained…. so at least that is a good sign! 🙂

Some things in life, like potty training, takes a village to learn exactly what works best and what doesn’t work. If this is your first time potty training, don’t be afraid to ask for help and advice! (even if its your third or fourth time) What worked for them might work for you! I have asked around the inter-world what has worked for other moms and bloggers.  Here are the great answers that I have received:

13 Potty Training Tips for Stubborn Boys and Girls

Potty Training Tips

1. My tip is to not get too stressed about it – it will happen when it’s time and the more you force it, the more stressful it is.


2. Wait until the child is ready and it will go so much easier, also don’t make it a stressful situation, changing a diaper a few months longer is pretty easy compared to repairing self esteem. –
3. For boys, put Cheerios in the toilet and have them aim. For either, put some blue food coloring in the pot and let them turn it green.
4. We usually start talking about it casually when they are about two years old. We watch the videos and read the books and then gauge their interest from there. With my children, they’ve potty trained slightly older, but they’ve done it in under a week with very few accidents and no tears. When they are ready, they are ready!
5. I’ve (thankfully) successfully potty trained 7 and I would say the best advice is a. wait until they’re ready. b. TRY not to stress, prepare yourself for the fact that there WILL be accidents and do your best to take them as that, accidents, not something personal they did TO you. c. there WILL be setbacks so be prepared for them.
6. Set a timer to ask your toddler if they need to go potty at a set interval. Even if they just sit, it gets them used to the idea.
7. Don’t feel like you have to stick to one method. If something isn’t working, try something else.
8. When you use pull ups, put underwear on first, then the pull ups, that way the kids will feel the accidents instead of the pull ups soaking it all in
9. If it appears your toddler is not getting it and you are both stressed – wait a few weeks and start again. Eventually it will click, but forcing it will result in more accidents.
10. Keep it positive. Praise your child for sitting on the potty, even if nothing happens. Consider using a reward system like a sticker chart.
11. “Just chill” don’t apply pressure to them or to yourself for them not learning quick enough…they all train eventually and none are scarred if it takes a little longer–one of mine who is perfectly normal on honor roll etc, didn’t train until she started 3 year old preschool–she was just comfortable and didn’t care–I had another who trained at 18 months–they all have their own time frames. -Elizabeth
12. When you think your child is ready to start potty training, you first need to realize that it is actually “parent training”. You need to consistently take your child to the potty so that they don’t have accidents. I tried to make bathroom time fun by putting some childrens books in there, and with my first child I even had him help me put up pictures of things he liked at his eye level.

13. Did I mention use lots of praise? Praise them! My Princess love when I make a big deal, sing, give her a high five, dance, and whoop. She loves it more than the candy. And yes, we do use candy still.

Did any of these tips work for you when you were trying to potty train? Do you have any you want me to add to the list? I would love to hear what worked for you!