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 Living in a small town in Utah, it is not very often that I come across rivers and bridges like those of Portland Oregon. I did not expect to fall in love with this city as much as I did, but the view is beautiful and grand in  every direction that you look. 

 I was instantly impressed with the bridges that crossed over the Williamette River. Probably because in total, there are 11  bridges. I’d never seen anything like it. Each bridge was grand in nature but completely unique. Some were for cars only, where a few allowed pedestrians. I was very excited to cross the bridges so I could see the view of the city from different perspectives. 

 We had two opportunities to cross the bridges on bikes. This was my first time crossing a bridge, and I must say that it was a little intimidating riding a bike with cars and buses zooming by on one side, and a drop to water on the other! 🙂  We had a blast, though and I felt like I was able to cross this off of my bucket list.

There is a lot to do in Portland Oregon with family, but I recommend taking the time to enjoy the bridges and enjoy the trails outside. There is a trail that takes you along both sides of the river and even in 40 degree weather in January, every time we went, families were out walking, biking or on scooters.

 My husband and I went to Portland kidless, so we hope to have the opportunity to take our kids back soon so they can experience the beauty and grandness of the city.