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Polly Pocket DVD “Friends Finish First” and Polly Pocket Playtime Pet Shop Play Set Review

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I have the Polly Pocket song going through my head right now.  Thats probably because my daughter is upstairs right now watch a Polly Pocket DVD, “Friends Finish First” for the umpteenth time.  🙂  Its really a cute movie, so I don’t mind it being in my head!  I love it because it teaches a great lesson that I think is important for my daughter to learn.  It teaches that if you wanted to finish first you need to finish with your friends!  It teaches about winning and how to win the right way!  It is a cute story with a great lesson.  My daughter loves watching Polly Pocket and friends skate around.  
My daughter received the Polly Pocket Playtime Pet Shop to review and try out.  She was so excited that so many pets came with the set.  This is great because often sets come with only one pet and you are left to purchase more, but this set gives you everything that you need to have fun playing!  Plus, its ready to play with right out of the box.  She was able to open it up and start playing without assembly or batteries!  I love that!  🙂

If you remember, we sampled Polly Pockets in the past that we loved and my daughter still uses often with her friends.  You can view that review here.  I love that the sets can be played together and you can expend it for more interactive play.  The Pet shop set was different than the playhouse though, because the toys did not have the suction cups at the bottom to help them stay in place.  This didn’t seem to bother my daughter at all. 

My daughter said that her favorite thing about the Pet Shop is that you can feed the animals!  There are lots of places for each animal to hang out and play and then you take them to the bottom floor where you can feed them their meals.  It is a very interactive toy with moving pieces for more enjoyment when playing.

I really like the Polly Pocket toys.  I like that they are easy to store.  She has all of her different sets that she stores together because she likes to get them all out as she plays.  I love the bright colors.  I think that colors make the toy more inviting and fun.  Bright colors seemed to be very in right now.  I love that she can take this toy on the go if she wants.  We went to a hotel last weekend and she was able to take her Pet shop with her so she had something to do while she was there.  This toy is also great for sharing and playing with friends.  She lets her brothers play with her and its fun listening to their imagination and they pretend play. 

I know that my daughter will continue to play with her Polly Pockets.  She has already spent time online and talked about which Polly Pocket items she wants to include on her Christmas wish list!  I love that she has so much fun with them and that they encourage imagination and pretend play!

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