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I hope that you are ready for something seriously adorable!  Yes, I know, my daughter is simply adorable, but I am talking about something other than my cute daughter.  🙂  Check out this outfit that we got from Petite me Children’s Clothing Boutique!  I love this outfit.  Absolutely love it.  I think it is probably one of my favorites that we have for my daughter.  It is so cute and such a perfect fall outfit!

I like this Tunic Hoodie and Legging set for many reasons.  One thing that is incredibly important to me when purchasing clothes for my kids is that the fabric is high quality and that it will last.  We all know how messy kids can get.  Especially one year olds, so it is so important that the construction of an outfit is such that my daughter can wear it, wash it, wear it and wash it again and again and again. Not only was the fabric on this outfit very high quality but it is so soft.  This outfit is not only very classy but incredibly comfortable so my daughter can look so cute but not have to worry about it being uncomfortable or scratchy.  
I also love the details on this outfit.  I just love that it has this cute hoodie.  I think it really adds to the outfit but makes it extra “fall weather”.  Its perfect!  The weather is starting to get really cool here in Utah so it is important to dress in warmer clothes.  The fabric is thick for extra warmth and it has the hoodie that she can wear if her cheeks ears get cold.  I think the ruffle around the hoodie adds so much too, to making this outfit stand out about the rest.  It is just so cute! 
I love the colors.  Love love love them.  Seriously, the pink and red colors are so cute together.  I normally wouldn’t have thought to mix these colors but I love it. They are so perfectly girly  and I love that the bright colors help the pattern stand out.  I love that the colors coordinate so perfectly with the ruffle of the hood, ruffle of the pocket, and flower.  
I think something that I love about this outfit is that mixture of the pattern and stripes.  This is seriously something that I would never have thought of doing and I think that it works so perfectly.  One thing I love about Children’s Clothing Boutique outfits is that they do a really good job of finding the perfect colors, patterns and details to make the perfect outfit.  

I was very impressed with Petite Me Children’s Clothing Boutique.  I am very picky when it comes to kids clothes and I really felt this outfit was excellent.  Everything from the colors, fabric, style, details, to the comfort and high quality was top notch.  These are the types of items that I would be excited and proud to give as gifts.  They are high quality, long lasting and simply adorable!  So if you are looking for the perfect gift for a child’s birthday, holiday or even a baby shower, Petite Me Children’s Clothing Boutique, in my opinion is the perfect place to shop!

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