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Panjerize Geekery Pixel Snowflakes Infinity Scarf Review AND Giveaway!

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Can I just say that I LOVE my Panjerize Infinity Scarf?  I think it is best described with Panjerize’s description of “Geek Chic”.  

What sets out Panjerize’s Infinity Scarves from other Infinity Scarves? Its the perfect chic accessory specializing in geek chic and subtle nerd themes! From a distance, this looks like a subtle pattern–but it’s much more than that!  Looking in close at the Pixel scarf for example, you see that it contains a repeating pattern of cream colored pixelated snowflakes, on a dark gray background.

Here are a few more examples:
Up close you see a repeating pattern of Sherlock Holmes profiles.

Up close this scarf contains a subtle plaid of dark gray and off-white, inspired by classic space-themed video games like Space Invaders!

This print features a fractal-like geometric pattern of pinkish-red hearts on a black background.

The fabric for this infinity scarf is a Hunger Games-inspired print–featuring names of Katniss, Primrose, and Rue, as well as their namesake flowers and mocking jays.

Pretty cool huh!  Or I guess I should say Geek Chic! 😉

At Panjerize, you receive a high quality hand-made infinity scarf that is perfect for a techie! The scarf I received is (approximately) a 54″x10.5″ loop made from a combination of organic cotton knit fabric and fleece. But they also sell infinity scarves in other sizes and fabrics like the Fractal Hearts Infinity Scarf shown above. 

Here is what I love about my Infinity Scarf that I received from Panjerize.  First off, it is super warm.  I live in Utah, and right now, it is very cold outside.  I love that this scarf is made from fleece because it makes it very warm.  It really is perfect for the winter.  I love that this scarf looks so stylish and “chic” but up close you are able to wear your personality as part of your wardrobe. I have personally never worn an infinity scarf before and I really like them compared to a traditional scarf because they stay in place and are a lot less bulky.

When I first came out wearing my Pixel Snowflakes Infinity scarf, my husband instantly complimented me on this adorable scarf.  I showed him the pattern up close and told him about this great way to wear a stylish, comfortable scarf while letting your personality come through.  I asked him what he thought about Panjerize and he said it is definitely a great way to be Geeky and Elegant at the same time. 

Wouldn’t this be such a fun gift? I can think of so many people that would love a Hunger Games inspired scarf, or Doctor Who themed scarf! Panjerize is “your stop for Nerdecor and Nerdrobe items! Translation: clothing and decorative items for nerds. Specializing in geek chic and subtle nerd themes!”   

To see their whole selection you can visit them online at

For updates on their newest styles, or for the current coupons you can visit Panjerize on Facebook:

If you are anything like me, you LOVE a good deal!  

Enter coupon code MOMSREVIEW4U on their etsy site and receive a 15% discount!  

The coupon is valid through the end of February 2013!

Guess what! 🙂   I have a really fun giveaway for you!  We are giving away TWO infinity Scarves!  (Two winners- each wins ONE scarf)

We are giving away:

              Yeti-Themed Infinity Scarf


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