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Nikon CoolPix L610 Digital Camera Review

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I love photography.  I love taking pictures of anything and everything.  I have four of the most adorable kiddos which makes photography so much easy with such cute subjects.  About 4 years ago, I started getting really interested in photography.  I loved seeing something beautiful and then being able to capture that beauty in a lasting photograph.  I loved being able to share every step of my kids advancements with grandparents who lived far away.  I love feeling like I could capture and save these wonderful memories to help my family remember and cherish each moment.  

Since starting into photography, I have had the chance to use many cameras.  I must say, I am a bit picky when it comes to my cameras.  The features have to be just right and the photo has to look just right.  I finally settled on a DSLR that I absolutely love.  With this DSLR, I have multiple lenses and a very large camera bag.  Did I mention that I have four kids?  🙂  

I got to a point recently where as much as I loved my camera, I wasn’t taking it with me when we went places because it was way too bulky.  I was missing moments of taking photos of great events because it was too hard to carry my daughter, a bulky camera and all the other items that I had.  I was really bummed that I was missing these photo opportunities and knew that I needed a better solution for this problem.
Problem solved.  🙂  Nikon CoolPix L610 Digital Camera. This camera rocks.  And what is best, it fits right into my purse.  I take my purse everywhere.  Which means I always have a camera and I don’t have to worry about having an extra bag to hold it in.  I love this.  I am always prepared and ready for the photo when the moment comes.  

We were going to church on Sunday.  It was my daughters first day in her nursery class.  The snow was so beautiful, the clouds looked amazing, and she looked so cute in her little piggy tails. I quickly stopped my husband, pulled out my Nikon CoolPix and was quickly able to capture the moment.  

 I thought this was a fun photo.  Brrr.  It also shows you the kind of weather we have been having recently.  If you look closely you can see the snow falling. I took this picture from through the window in my house.  I zoomed across the street, through a large lot to the trees behind them. Pretty awesome, huh!  This camera features a 14x optical Zoom and up to 2x digital Zoom.  I was very impressed on the distance and detail I could get with the zoom.  And through the window, none-the-less!  🙂

Two of my kids celebrated their birthdays in the last week.  My oldest turned 10 and my second turned 8.  They really wanted to go to Benihanas for their birthday so we gave in and went for lunch.  Yum.  🙂  We had a group of 16 people so we were all spread out on two different tables.  My four year old ended up being by a cousin on the other table.  I loved being able to easily photograph him as he was mesmerized by the “show” watching his food be cooked right in front of him.  I thought it was a great picture, seeing the details of the steam and excitement on his face in a low light situation with no flash.  Normally in a low light situation, especially without using a flash, the photo has more blur to it.  I am very impressed with the functions of the Nikon CoolPix L610.  

Yum.  Now I am hungry, again.  I have actually used the Nikon L610 multiple times now for food photography.  As a blogger, I am often making new recipes to share with my readers and I have found that this camera doesn’t a great job capturing the details needed for food photography.  

As I mentioned before, we celebrated two birthdays this week.  My daughter had school on her birthday but I wanted to quickly grab a “snap shot” of her on her birthday before she went to school.  I grabbed my CoolPix camera and followed her out the door.  Here is the photo I got of her with no editing.  Pretty nice, huh! Its nice, crisp and sharp and the colors are beautiful.  If you are a hobby photography, professional photographer or just a mom with a camera, the Nikon CoolPix L610 takes great photos!   
Alright, here is a no-light photo situation for you.  No flash, camera on automatic and I loved being able to capture the cupcakes, candles and the smile on my daughters face when we were singing her Happy Birthday.  Did I mention “automatic”?  Do you know what this means?  This means that anyone with this camera can easily capture this memory and it is such a great one to capture.  I love her sweet smile.

I love this camera.  It is exactly what I needed and takes such great photos.  Did I mention that it fits in my purse!!!  Easy to use, great photos, AND compact?  Doesn’t get better than that! 

Here is some information on the Nikon CoolPix L610 Digital Camera: 

This photo might look like a big mess to you, but its actually pretty awesome.  My husband makes movies for a living.  One of the short films that he is working on right now, he needed to capture video footage of paper falling to add to the scene.  (One of the characters angrily throws a stack of paper).  The Nikon CoolPix L610 shoot Full HD video, so we put up our blue screen and lights, put the Nikon on a tripod, and were able to shoot the HD footage that he needed for his film.  This camera is also perfect for shooting video when you are out with the family.  My kids love to tell me stories when I video tape them and this is always fun to watch when the are older.

The Nikon CoolPix L610 is a great camera.  The features that stand out as being the best to me are:

1.  compact.
2. easy to use
3.  16 Megapixels
4. 14x optical zoom
5. Full HD video
6. Works great in Low light

 Staples provided me with this Nikon CoolPix L610 Digital Camera. The words opinions express in this review are strictly my own. To see the full line of Digital Cameras visit

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