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I am part of the Saban Brand-Bassador program. I receive the following items as part of this program. All opinions are my own.

As mentioned above, I was recently invited to be part of the Saban Brand-Bassador program.  Having two sons who are HUGE fans of many of the Saban brands, its was a perfect program for us! We received a DigiFusion Figure, Digimon Finger Lights, Coloring Pages and Digimon backpacks as part of our  DigimonFusion themed package.  My kids were thrilled to build, play and color.  The Figure that we received in this package was Ballistamon.  

In part of our package, we received a DigiFusion Figure to review.  These sets are fun, because they allow kids to replicate the DigiFusions that Mikey creates in the series or use their imagination to create their own combinations.   The ball and socket construction system gives your kids a unique level of play. Each figure also comes with a technology card that can be used on the Fusion Loader app.  One of my favorite features of the DigiFusion Figures is that if you collect them all, you can combine them all to make a large DigiFusion Figure.
These and other Digimon Fusion toys will be available starting mid-February at the following retailers:
Toys “R” Us

Retail Price: $8.99

Here is an never-before-seen exclusive clip from the winter premiere episode airing on Nicktoons Feb. 17th:

Following its fall 2013 debut on Nickelodeon and Nicktoons, Digimon Fusion, the sixth season of the hugely successful Digimon franchise, will join the Vortexx on The CW lineup starting Jan. 25th, airing every Saturday at 10:30 a.m. EST/PST. New episodes of the series will return to Nicktoons Monday, Feb. 17, with an all-day marathon followed by TWO brand-new episodes at 9:00 p.m. EST. The series will continue in its regular timeslot, with new weekly episodes starting Sunday, Feb. 23, at 11:30 a.m. EST on Nicktoons. 
 To get your kids excited for the new episodes, here are 12 fun Digimon Fusion activities and coloring pages.

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  1. They look like a lot of fun!!! I will have to get these for my nephew!

  2. this looks like a blast, my little cousin would just love this, I will have to share this with him,.

  3. We love Nick but haven't seen this show before – we'll have to be on the lookout for it.

  4. Gaby has two birthday parties coming up, both boys, and these look like great gifts. Both of the boys are huge into Transformer type stuff so I know these will be a big hit!

  5. Matthew doesn&#39;t have any of these toys. I will have to look these up to see if they would be a good birthday gift idea for him! <br /><br />Love the smiles of your little boy in the pictures!

  6. FUN! Definitely toys my boys would love.

  7. These look like so much fun. My daughter is a huge Digimon fan, I&#39;ll have to look for these for her.

  8. My little nephew is going to be so excited about this! He really loves the Digimon!

  9. My son picked out some Digimon toys for a friend of his recently as a birthday gift! It&#39;s quite popular.

  10. How fun. I&#39;ve never heard of these characters before.

  11. This sounds like something my boys can definitely get into!

  12. Oh how fun, your little guy looks so happy with his new toys!

  13. This looks like something my son would have gone nuts for when he was younger. I&#39;ll have to let my sister know about this for my little nephew.

  14. My son was really into Pokemon and Digimon when he was younger. He would have loved these back then!

  15. My son used to love Digimon when he was younger!

  16. My boys have enjoyed Pokeman, but I&#39;m not sure if they&#39;ve seen this show yet.

  17. What a cute set of characters. My boys would love those!

  18. Awww I remember Digimon, my boys used to love them.. sooo glad to see they are still around and your little one looked like he had a lot of fun..thanks for sharing

  19. I didn&#39;t realize Digimon had so many toys available.

  20. I guess I better start to get to know these things since P will be this age soon!

  21. My son loves Digimon. He would absolutely love this looks like a lot of funl!!

  22. we&#39;ve not seen digimon but looking at the pics, i&#39;m sure it&#39;s something my son would be into

  23. I hadn&#39;t ever heard of DigimonFusion – but with teenage girls, I guess that would be why. But my 10 year old nephew would probably love them.

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