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My Stress-Free Charmin Holidays!

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I received a Charmin Party Planning Pack to help with my holiday parties.  All opinions are my own.

It seemed like almost every night from Dec 24th through January 1st we had a house full of guests visiting to celebrate the holidays.  We had out of town visitors, party guests, friends and family that came for many different holiday events.  I’ve always loved throwing parties.  I love inviting people into my home, sharing good food, fun conversation and making wonderful memories. Part of entertaining for the holidays is making sure that your home is ready and prepared before your guests arrived.  

I recommend getting a party planner like the one featured in the photo above.  This can help you to make lists of everything that you need to accomplish before your guests arrive.  I love lists.  I make lists for everything.  Food to serve, food to buy, guests invited, guests coming, to do lists, and more.  This planner kept me organized and ready for the holidays.  In this kit, I also received two packs of Charmin toilet paper.   

There is nothing more embarrassing, being the host or the guest to get into the bathroom and realize that there isn’t any more toilet paper. I can’t stress the importance of having extra toilet paper on hand when you are having holiday guests.  This is definitely important to put on the top of your “TO BUY” list.

Thanks to my Charmin Party Planning Pack, my holidays were fun, successful and stress free!  The Charmin Ultra Strong Double Roll offered the  strength and comfort needed and helped my guests feel as comfortable as possible.  I recommend getting a basket at leaving plenty of extra rolls right in the bath room, so you don’t have the worry about running out.  This keeps you prepared, but also makes it so you don’t have to be checking the bathroom every hour to make sure you haven’t run out.

If you are planning holiday parties, here are a few tips that I would recommend in making your party planning stress free and more fun.

1.  Get a party planner so you can keep all your lists in one place
2.  Stock up on necessities like toilet paper and hand soap.
3. Buy as many treats as possible.  Its always fun to bake a few special treats, but I prefer buying because I don’t have to deal with the stress or the mess.
4.  Have fun!  

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