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My Need for Speed Movie Review!

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For those that know me, I’m sure you are thinking Need for Speed movie review?  Why would you have even gone to this movie.  This is so NOT you.  You are completely right.  I am a sappy love story, cute comedy, feel good movie lover.  I am not because into the the, as I call them, “boy movies”.  Its funny, when my husband first found out that I was going to go see a screen of Need for Speed, he actually laughed, told me good luck and wished that it were him instead.  But I went to the movie with an open mind, and SHOCKER, I actually really liked it.  
I felt that this film was casted really well.  Many actors that I had recognized from other roles.  They kept me interested, on the edge of my seat and even laughing at times. I felt they all did a fantastic job at their roles and did a great job bringing me into the story.  I will try to give you a spoiler free review of the movie! 🙂
Just like every good adventure story there is good and bad.  There are characters that fight for what they believe and others that challenge those believes.  In Need for Speed you will find a lot of conflict between Aaron Pauls character Tobey Marshall and Dominic Coopers Character Dino Brewster.  There are twists that I didn’t expect between these two that really make an interesting storyline.
Being married to a car guy, I know enough that there are lots of really cool and really fast cars in this movie.  If you are a car person, you would probably love it just for the cars!  Apparently there is a Need for Speed video game that it is based off of, so I’m sure those video gamers would love to watch the life action movie of their game. 
Not only are there cool cars, but they drive really really fast.  That in itself is pretty awesome.  You will be taken on a crazy adventure.  Your heart will be beating fast, you will probably be squeezing the arm rest of your seat, or partners hands and you will jump at least a few times.
As if cool cars and fast cars are not enough, there are also amazing explosions.  Big, awesome special effects that are incredible to watch on screen.  It is amazing what they can create in making movies.
If you love action, adventure, excitement, fast cars and big explosions, this movie is definitely for you!  If you are like me, and like an interesting story line that really pulls you in then this movie is for you, too. Plus, your husband will think you are extra awesome for taking him to this movie! Where it was predictable at parts, that didn’t bother me. The story kept moving, it kept me very interested and yes, there was even some “heart” in it.  
I think it is important to note that this is NOT a movie for kids.  This is a great movie for date night with your significant other but I wouldn’t take anyone younger than the age of 17.  
About Need for Speed
“Fresh from prison, a street racer who was framed by a wealthy business associate joins a cross country race with revenge in mind. His ex-partner, learning of the plan, places a massive bounty on his head as the race begins.”
Need for Speed opened in theaters today.  Perfect for Friday night date night!
*I had the opportunity to see a pre-screening of Need for Speed while I was in Los Angeles for our Disney event. All opinions are my own.

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