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In honor of Mountain Mike’s Pizza celebrating their 7 year anniversary, they invited local bloggers into their restaurant for a very delicious blogger event.  To celebrate this anniversary, they are offering a $7 dinner buffet featuring pizza, pasta, salad, dessert pizza and a drink.  We had the opportunity to come to enjoy the dinner buffet, good company, and prizes!   I was lucky enough to bring my cute daughter along to join in the fun.  She was excited to try everything! 🙂


Luckily, my daughter is a salad lover and that is what we decided to try out first.  The veggies were all delicious and fresh and you got quite the large selection of choices.  Being an all you can eat buffet I was very impressed with the quality and selection.  Yum!


Mountain Mike’s Pizza has so many delicious pizza varieties.  The fun thing about a buffet is that we had the opportunity to try multiple different kinds of pizza. I am a lover of veggie pizzas and my daughters loves meat pizzas.  The buffet is a great way to not only try different options, but also have something that everyone will love.  Part of this buffet you also can sample some of their delicious pastas.  We were able to try macaroni and cheese and noodles with red sauce and meatballs.  Their food is absolutely delicious!

IMG_0438    IMG_0443

Doesn’t this look so yummy:


My daughter had so much fun and loved sampling all the different food items.


While we were eating, we got moved into the banquet room for prizes.  Prizes are always very exciting! 🙂  We were lucky enough to win a medium pizza that we redeemed to take home to the very sad boys who wished they could have come with us.  We chose a BBQ Chicken and Pineapple Pizza.  My husband said that it was the best BBQ Chicken Pizza that he had ever had!


When you visit Mountain Mike’s Pizza, you definitely have to try out the dessert pizza.  It is so yummy.  You will go back for seconds.  And maybe thirds.  Thank you Mountain Mike’s for a delicious evening of yummy food and good company!