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Mirror Craft Re-do
 We recently moved 
and my girls each ended up with their own room.
They were able to choose their 
room theme and color.
Of course my 6 year old
chose princesses and pepto bismal pink for the walls.
I had an old framed mirror
from when I was a girl.
It is about 25 years old.
It was pretty beat up.
I planned on painting the frame with some 
gold spray paint…but was feeling really lazy.
I went to hobby lobby
and saw these 
feather boa‘s….they were BOGO free!!
I think I spend $3!
Hot glued them on!!
And now she has this super-diva mirror for her room!!
Crazy girl!
(i noticed I need to bust out the hot glue gun again
and fix a little area that is falling off the bottom!!…
which reminds me…
the feathers don’t add much protection
for your fingers
when you are hot gluing…
be careful…I burned my fingers many times)
Really isn’t life better with a feather boa :)!
Mirror Craft Re-do