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Check out our Minions Backyard Bash #MinionsParty

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Check out our Minions Backyard Bash

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The countdown of the year is almost up.  Three more days.  Are your kids counting down the day until the Minions have their own movie! My kids have been so excited to see this movie in theaters that we already have our tickets for opening day.  They will be going with all of their cousins.  You can see Minions in theaters July 10.  I’m sure I will see you there!!

Check out our Minions Backyard Bash

We were so excited when we were asked to throw a Minion Backyard Bash with friends and family because we were able to share with our friends our excitement for the Minions movie.  We were not surprised to find out that all of our guests were equally excited for the movie to come out.   Many of our guests will be joining us when we see Minions in theaters July 10th.  Check out our Minions Backyard Bash

To throw an Epic Minions Backyard Bash, we received everything that we could need for an amazing party.  This included decorations, silverware, plates, cups, napkins, swag for the guests, hostess gifts, activities for the party and more.  My kids were so excited to help decorate for the party, make swag bags and make snacks.  Check out our Minions Backyard Bash

We had lots of cute little Minions join in on the fun.  Don’t they look adorable!  They thought it was fun putting on their Minions googles and using them while they played at the party.  Our party was a few hours long, and the weather was beautiful outside so the kids enjoyed playing Minions, as well as enjoying the Minion inspired activities we planned for the party. Check out our Minions Backyard BashAs part of our fun we played lots of Minion games on the trampoline with the beach balls.  Some of these games included trying to bounce without getting hit by a Minion beach ball and bounce without letting the beach balls get off of the trampoline.  This game was an instant hit and brought everyone a lot of laughs! 
  Check out our Minions Backyard Bash

I think Play-doh is something that is loved by kids of all ages.  My kids could spend hours and hours playing with play-doh.  The kids had a chance to play with Minion Play-doh kits and the Disguise Lab was an instant hit.  They loved giving the minions different colored crazy hair.  The kids were so excited to find out they were able to take a set with them home in their swag bag!

Check out our Minions Backyard Bash

Other activities  the kids enjoyed at our party were playing with a Minion Yo-you, Minion Mega Bloks, Crayola Minion Puzzle and more.  It was fun to be able to sit back and enjoy hanging out with the adults because they kids were content and happy playing together at the Minion Backyard Bash.  Check out our Minions Backyard Bash

Every party needs snacks!  What perfect snacks are there than Make your own Minion Twinkies!  🙂  We were able to find Wilton edible eyeballs and Banana runts so the kids could make their own Minion faces on their Twinkies.  It was fun to decorate and delicious to eat!!Minions Backyard Bash

Are Backyard Bash was definitely a lot of fun and an instant hit with the kids.  They are all so excited to see Minions in theaters on July 10th.  We have watched the trailer so many times and already know that this movie is going to bring a lot of laughs!  What a fun party!Minions Backyard Bash

Each guest was able to take home a swag bag of fun activities and Minion items.  These included balloons, towel, beach ball, Minion sunglasses, Minions play-doh and more!  I love that they will be able to enjoy their Minion fun all week while they wait for the movie to come out!Minions Banana Chocolate Popcorn Recipe

Here is a fun Minion inspired recipe that we enjoyed at our party:

Minions Banana Chocolate Popcorn Recipe


1 bag of Popcorn (I did Kettle Corn)
1 pack of Yellow Wilton Melting Chocolate
1 pack Wilton Candy Eyeballs
Banana Candy- Runts


1.  Pop popcorn according to your microwave directions.

2. Melt melting chocolate in your microwave at 1/2 power for 30 seconds.  Repeat until melted.

3.  Stir melted chocolate into popcorn.  Mix in Runts and Eyeballs.

4.  Enjoy.


  Are you ready? The Minions have their own movie! See them in theaters July 10!

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