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Matching Tie Guy- Matching Ties for Dad and Son

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Matching Tie Guy- Matching Ties for Dad and Son
I am very excited for the review that I am doing today. Almost every review that I have done so far has been for a mother or for their child. Today, we have a wonderful review and giveaway that is dedicated to the men in our lives!

Today I have the opportunity to do a review for The Matching Tie Guys. I’m very excited to do this review because I personally have three handsome guys in my life that were able to help me with this review.

The Matching Tie Guys is the perfect one stop shop for all of your tie needs. Whether you are planning for a family reunion, baby blessing, wedding, or church function, you can get can matching ties for all ages at The Matching Tie Guys.
They have ties in every size so you can get one from easy little guy at your party or event. Whether its for an adult, a five year old and a baby, or 5 groomsman, you can all get the perfect matching ties, sizes newborn to adult.
I had the opportunity to try out three different sizes for ties. I tried out the 24mo-4T, 8-11 and adult sized tie. The childrens ties are zipper ties so they are very easy to put on. I am especially excited because my kids are on the younger sizes for these ties so they are going to last a long time.
At the Matching Tie Guys store, you have over 50 choices in ties. They have perfect ties in any color and pattern that you may need. I think it would be really fun to get matching ties for a large extended family picture and they have so many great colors to chose from.
Here are a few of my favorite designs and colors, but there are so many more that you could chose from!



The Matching Ties Guys ties are all made from stain-resistant microfiber which I think is very important in the quality of the tie. Especially when you are using it for younger ages, you don’t have to worry about your tie getting ruined or stained.
I like that I can put my 2 year old in such a nice tie and not have to worry about it. I can tell that the quality, fabric and craftsmanship is such that they are going to last. I just loved how cute my husband an sons looked in their matching ties!
Boys and Dad wearing matching tiesIf you are interested in completing your families outfit even more beyond the matching ties, you can also get adorable matching hair ties for the girls in the pictures! How cute would these have been with our ties above!!
So, in summary, this is my review of The Matching Tie Guys.
1. Their ties are high quality and excellent craftsmanship.
2. They have great selection of patterns and colors.
3. They use high quality, stain resistant microfiber fabrics.
4. They come in 7 difference sizes, which guarentees the perfect fit.
5. Very affordable
6. I highly recommend this product.
I asked my husband what he thinks about the ties. Since truthfully, he is the one that has to wear the tie! He said that the quality is professional, he loves the design and color and that this tie is now one of his favorite ties that he owns. I too, love the look and quality, and can beat how cute they all look matching.
And the best part is…. The Matching Tie Guys has incredibly affordable ties.
They are only $14.99 per tie with low $3.99 shipping! I have been shocked going into stores recently and seeing how expensive ties cost. They are a lot more than $14.99!! I highly recommend The Matching Tie Guys for their great product and low prices.
I will definitely be shopping at The Matching Tie Guys again. We wear ties weekly for church so we have lots of opportunities to to wear these ties. Plus, the quality, fabric, and designs are so nice that they make an excellent addition to any guys wardrobe.
So, if you are looking for a gift for a son, father, husband or friend this would be a perfect gift!
Thank you The Matching Tie Guys for letting me review your product! I highly recommend it and think that it is a perfect gift for all guys in your life!
Disclosure: This review is based on my own honest unbiased opinion of The Matching Tie Guys. I received a product from The Matching Tie Guys to review. You may or may not agree with my opinion. The Matching Tie Guys was not involved in the writing of this post.



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