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M Sticks help to keep you hydrated, break your addiction to soda or function at a higher level.

m Sticks hydrationHydration is crazy important! If you are not hydrated– you won’t feel at the top of your game. With M Sticks Hydration you can stay hydrated, feel great and enjoy the additional benefits of each different stick. If you are anyone 3-100 then this product is for you! At M Network, we have different M stiks that serve different purposes. You’ll love the CoreAO stik, Go stik, Trim stik, Soul stik and Smart stik. It is important that m network products provide the best benefits possible so sometimes they change to make them better. Three of our products recently received an overhaul in packaging and reformulation. Check out the new and improved Core AO stick, Go stick and Trim Stik then head on over to to get some for yourself. 

M Sticks – CoreAO stik, GO stik and TRIM stik

M Sticks Hydration

M CoreAO Stik

  • Almost 4x M-Defend™ blend (mangosteen, açai, grape seed, EGCG)
  • Added astragalus (antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, immune booster and more)
  • Added BioPerine® (increases bioavailability 25–45%)
  • Added 700 mcg zinc (immune booster and more)
  • Reduced sugars BUT BETTER TASTE!
  • Natural Product Number (NPN) from Health Canada
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m network stiks

M GO Stik

  • Adjusted mix of natural caffeine (helps prolong effects)
  • Increased guarana and yerba mate
  • Added BioPerine® (increases bioavailability 25–45%)
  • Natural Product Number (NPN) from Health Canada
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  • Adjusted mix of natural caffeine
  • Improved energy support, vasodilation and visceral fat loss, thanks to short-chain polyphenols from the lychee fruit
  • Added BioPerine® (increases bioavailability 25–45%)
  • Tastes just as good!
  • CLICK HERE for more

Check out this thermographic image of someone experiencing the effects of the ingredients in TRIM (time lapse approx. 15 minutes):

m trim stik

Visit to order M Sticks Hydration products or email us at [email protected] to be added to a customer facebook group for core ao stik reviews, m network product reviews or weight loss tips. 

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