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Lomography Diana Mini Review

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Lomography is a Magazine, a Shop, and a Community dedicated to analogue photography. It began with a fateful encounter in the early 1990s, when two students in Vienna, Austria, stumbled upon the Lomo Kompakt Automat – a small, enigmatic Russian camera. Mindlessly taking shots from the hip, and sometimes looking through the viewfinder, they were astounded with the mindblowing photos that it produced – the colours were vibrant, with deep saturation and vignettes that framed the shot – it was nothing like they had seen before! Upon returning home, friends wanted their own Lomo LC-A, igniting a new style of artistic experimental photography that we now know as Lomography!

I was SO excited when I found out that I was able to do a review for Lomography! I love their product and am so excited to share it with you. I have been familiar with Lomography for awhile now. I have a holga camera and the Diana F+ camera. My husband and I enjoy going out shooter together and taking our toy cameras along with us. We really like shooting with these cameras but it can often get expensive in development because they took special film. I was so excited to receive a Diana mini to review and find out that it takes 35mm film. I was able to have fun taking pictures and then go to my local costco for developing! $6 later I had my 36 pictures in hand! It doesn’t get easier than that! We will still continue to use all three cameras because they all have their own level of charm, but if you want the ease of being able to develop everywhere, then the Diana Mini is a perfect option for you!

The Diana mini is a Half-Frame & Square Format on 35mm! I had an opportunity to shoot in both formats and have things that I like about each! I love having an option to should in either. You can also shoot have your roll of film in half-frame and the other half in square format.

About the Diana Mini

“The Diana Mini has big shoes to fill being the little sister of the classic beauty Diana F+. Luckily the “Mini” was born a star in her own right. Super sweet, the Diana Mini has got plenty of style and features to the nines. With the flick of a little switch you can move from the retro square format to the amazing Half-Frame, giving you the ability to Shoot Forever, packing 72 shots onto one 35mm film! Her handy-dandy size and limitless creative potential is a revolution in analogue photography.” This picture shows the difference in the sizes between the Diana F+ and the mini:
The mini is incredibly compact. I have a little clutch purse that I carry around and my mini fits in it perfectly. Its so small and convenient that I can always have it with me when I am going out. I never know when I am going to wish I had a camera and this allows me to always have one with me.

The thing I love about the diana mini is that it takes fun pictures with so much charm. I love that the picture doesn’t have to be technically perfect to still be a lot of fun. I love that I have the opportunity to double expose and use different formats to make each picture unique. It is very easy to load and easy to get your film out when you are finished with the roll. All in all, I think it is a very fun camera! Are you going to get the quality of your SLR? Of course not, but for being a toy camera, the experience and the uniqueness of each photo, I think it is worth every penny!

Here is a sampling of my pictures using my Diana Mini:

I love that I did something as simple as going to the park but was able to get unique pictures with a lot of charm! I love my diana mini and am very excited to have it on my Holiday Gift Guide. This would be an awesome gift these holidays! The best part, is that they are incredibly affordable! You can get your very own Diana Mini for around $50! It is a wonderful addition for any photographer lover! I am excited to share this item and give it an A+ in my Holiday Gift guide!!

Thank you lomography for the opportunity to review your product!
Disclosure: This review is based on my own honest unbiased opinion of the Diana Mini. I received product from them to review. You may or may not agree with my opinion. Lomography was not involved in the writing of this post.

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