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There is a “sea of possibilities” when cooking with Gorton’s.  This Lemon Pepper Bruschetta Salmon is quite the catch.

Gorton's Grilled SalmonThis post is sponsored by Gorton’s.  All opinions are my own.

Ever since I was a little girl, I remember eating Gorton’s as a family.  I would always look forward to fish sticks night because my dad would make the most delicious tater sauce that we would dip our Battered Fish Sticks into.   It was fun sitting down to dinner as a family, now that I am an adult and being able to make this new memory with my own kids. 
gortons grilled tilapia

 Sea of Possibilities

With Gorton’s seafood, you have a sea of possibilities to choose between.  Between Crunchy Fish Sticks, Beer Battered Fish fillets, Salmon, Talapia, Cod and more.  The delicious flavors of Gorton’s Seafood have been at the dinner table since 1849 and they still have the same mission has been to help people everywhere enjoy the goodness of great seafood. With their variety of flavors I have seen this mission come true in my home as a girl and now that I am an adult.  The thing I love most about baking with Gorton’s seafood is that is is so easy to make a delicious seafood meal at home any night of the week.  Life gets really busy with 5 kids, but in less than 20 minutes I can have a delicious meal on the table for them.

gortons grilled salmon classic

 Gorton’s New Packaging

You may recognize Gorton’s product by the iconic Fisherman at the wheel at the top of all packaging.  Gorton’s, the leader in prepared frozen seafood, is seeking the highest quality of fish to serve in the home.  To do this, they area changing the way they merchandise their products to better serve consumers.  You will find the same great product, same great taste and same portions with re-designed packaging.  You can expect to find the new designs hit grocery shelves now and should completely replace current packaging by 2017.

Lemon Pepper Bruschetta Salmon

Lemon Pepper Bruschetta Salmon


Gorton’s Grilled Salmon
1/2 Lemon
Dash Pepper
15 cherry tomatos
1/2 cucumber
1/2 green pepper
1/2 red onion
1 Garden Salsa Pepper
1.  Squeeze 1/2 lemon on Gorton’s Grilled Salmon.
2.  Sprinkle a dash of Pepper on Salmon.
3.  Cook Salmon at 400 degrees for 14-16 minutes.

bruschetta salsa

4.  While Salmon is cooking, make easy Homemade Garden Salsa by cut up tomatoes, cucumbers, green pepper, red onion, garden salsa pepper and cilantro and mix together. Refrigerate until ready to use.
5.  Serve Bruschetta immediately over Grilled Salmon.
6. Enjoy!!

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