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KyoceraBrigadierI received a Kyocera Brigadier for review.  All opinions are my own.

The Kyocera Brigadier is built to be tough.  Tough enough for constructions workers, fireman and our military.  But is it tough enough for a TODDLER?!?! We all know that if you toddler gets their hands on your phone then it is the death of your phone.  Or is it?  We were given the opportunity to not only review a Kyocera Brigadier but try to test it to the limits.  I really wanted to drive my car over it, but I wasn’t that brave so second best was the toddler test.  We did 4 different tests with her daughter to see how the phone would hold up.  See what we found out.


1.   The Toddler Jump Test.  My daughter stepped on, jumped on, stepped on again, and jumped on this phone over and over again.  She had a blast doing it and I feared for the life of my phone.  Verdict.  Not even a mark to show for it.  Guess we better find something harder.


2.  The rock test.  Okay, there is no way that they screen of a phone can with stand the scratching of a rock, right?  Wrong.  The Kyocera Brigadier performed brilliantly and didn’t even leave a mark.  She was really rough on the poor phone, too!  I was sure there would be a least little scratches but not even one.


3. Drop the phone on Concrete Test. It went up in the air, and fell to the ground.  My daughter giggled and threw it up in the air again.  And it came crashing down again.  We let her do this again, and again, and again.  (yes, I do fear for all my future phones, now).  The Kyocera Brigadier phone crashed to the ground probably 20 times.  The screen? Looks brand new and unscratched.  The casing did receive a few scratches on this one.


4.  The water test.  Oh no.  I have have gone phone-less WAY too many times because my phone got wet.  Yep, they would sit in a tupperware of rice hoping that it would fix it.  Sometimes it did, sometimes it didn’t.  The Kyocera worked perfect when wet.  It performed without problems, in fact the phone would even dial as the water was hitting it! We wiped off the screen and it was as good as new.

BrigadierWater     The Kyocera Brigadier passed everyone on our toddler tests.  If it can live through the beatings of a toddler, I believe it can live through anything! 🙂  Here is an after photo of the Kyocera Brigadier.  Post epic toddler abuse.  Pretty amazing, huh!


So how is this all possible?  How can the Kyocera Brigadier hold up with all of the abuse?

Brigadier’s touchscreen is built for drops and tumbles with Kyocera’s proprietary Sapphire Shield display. Second only to diamonds in mineral hardness, Sapphire Shield is virtually scratchproof and provides outstanding protection against impact damage. It stands tough against everything from keys in a pocket to a face plant on a boulder, so worrying about a damaged screen won’t be part of your day.”

So if you are looking for the perfect phone that can withstand all lives oopses then you should check out the Kyocera Brigadier.  You no longer have to worry if your toddler gets ahold of your phone, if you drop it in the toilet or if you accidentally hit the screen over and over again with a hammer.  This phone has your back.

Here is our 6 second Vine Video:

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