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K’nex saved the day!

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In February, my family moved to Utah.  Everything was in order.  We had packed up our house, the truck was loaded and our house was set to close a week later.  We got to Utah, only to find out that the loan on our house didn’t go through and we were unable to buy the house.  Luckily we had family in town and they let us stay out their house living on the couch.   Little did we know that this would be for months.  We finally hit the point that things were going to slow and we knew we needed to find a temporary home to live in.  We didn’t want to get stuck in a long contract since we were still working on our home loan, so we rented a month to month 1 bedroom basement for the 6 of us.  We didn’t have any toys since they were all in storage so we knew this was going to be an adventure.
Then a box came in the mail.  My kids couldn’t have been more excited!  The box was filled with 4 different K’nex sets as well as a K’nex Monster Jam!  We ended up living in the basement for a month and our K’nex were a life saver!  🙂  Since we didn’t have much to do, we would sit as a family building with our K’nex.  Each kit came with instructions of multiple things that we could build so we had fun building each item as well as inventing our own items! Check out how much fun we had:
We are now finally settled in to our new home and our K’nex our still one of our favorites.  I have a three year old son, 7 year old daughter and 9 year old son who all loved playing with the K’nex together.  I found them to be a great toy because they were fun to use but really helped our children think as they followed the directions to put them together.   My 9 year old had no problem putting the sets together, my 7 year old needed a little help, and I would find the piece for my 3 year old and we would snap them in place, together.  It was fun to do as a family.  
I really like K’nex. I think that they are a great educational toy and they have great sets for all ages.  They inspire creativity in children, helps build their confidence as the complete new sets and helps them to interact with other children!  My kids really loved playing with them together and I loved seeing them get along so well!
Visit K’nex online!  They have a huge selection for all ages!

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