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Keep Kids Creative with Cricut & Ubooly

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Creativity is key.  Its so true, isn’t it.  When kids are being creative you can see them learning, enjoying and experiencing.  I love creativity and try to give my kids as many opportunities to create as I can.  I try to teach my kids how to create, but let them use their imagination to get them to the end result.  Sometimes it takes time, and sometimes their creativity lacks but its always fun to see the end result. 

This is a fun post for Ubooly & Cricut, but all activities are my original ideas and content.  I received an Ubooly but all opinions are my own. As part of this post, I was asked to find a craft that a kid could easily create for themselves.  This is fun for me because I love including my kids in the process.  Since I am a beginner crafter, I tend to be at the same “creation” level as my kids!  We set out to find a craft that would be perfect for our Ubooly.  Naturally, we turned right to our Cricut machine because the Cricut Machine instantly boosts our creative abilities and helps us make really cool things.

First off, lets meet Ubooly.  Ubooly is The iPhone Pet.  Also works with iPod touch 4G and touch 5. Here is how Ubooly is explained on the box.  Thought it was pretty cute:

Ubooly [oo-boo-lee]
1. A cuddly oragne marsupial that loves to go on adventures
2. A voice interactive toy powered by your iPhone or iPod touch
This little guy is pretty awesome.  Talk about creative thinking.  He takes your child on fun creative adventures and helps them feel like they are right their on the adventure with the Ubooly.  They also get the chance to play games with their ubooly and unlock cool stuff!  
It is super easy to use.  All you need to do is download the Ubooly app, put your iphone or ipod touch inside and ubooly comes to life.  You can customize a profile for each of your kids so they can each have their unique adventures.  It is a lot of fun and a creative way to entertain your kids.  My kids 2, 4, 8 and 10 have all enjoyed it differently.  

The inspiration for this craft actually came from my two year old daughter.  She loves dolls and stuffed animals and is obsessed with putting them down for naps.  She puts them in her baby bed, covers them up with a blanket and then puts them down for a nap.  She was holding the Ubooly, and pressed the screen.  Ubooly decided it was time for a nap and closed its eyes.  Instantly, Lily said, “U-boo-lee sleepy. Bed. Blanket.” We knew right then, we needed to make it a bed!

We used the Close to my Heart- Artiste cartridge to make the Ubooly bed.  Since I have a Cricut mini, I wasn’t able to make it quite long enough, so we cut out two of the boxes to make it the right size.  This was enough to make with kids.  All you need is a Cricut, Ubooly, Glue dots and cardstock paper. You could also embellish with a ribbon and a blanket, like my daughter did. Now Ubooly can rest comfortably with the rest of the dolls and animals!

When Ubooly is done taking its nap, which normally means thirty seconds later, when the kids are ready to play, you can just hold the screen to wake it up.  After a quick yawn, Ubooly is ready for another adventure!


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