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This post is sponsored by KAZAZ!  All opinions are my own.


If you have a child between the ages of 3 to 8 you definitely want to check out the Kazaz! Storytime, reimagined, app on itunes.  I have two kids in this age group who were very excited to give it a try.  This app is an interactive storytime app that helps your child experience the story!  My kids love reading books with me, but Kazaz takes the storytime experience one step further in making it fun and interactive.  Its entertaining enough that they will be begging you to play, but easy enough that they don’t need to be supervised.  So, if you need to get that load of laundry started, or dishes done rest assured that their imagination will grow while they interact with the Kazaz stories!


When you enter into the app you see this really fun, bright colored world and below it, a film strip of the different stories that are available now or coming soon. This screen is interactive where your child can click on the sail boat, balloon or other item of choice and the animations moves.  Naturally, though, the real fun comes when you click on one of the stories in the film strip.

So, what is Kazaz?

“Kazaz! is a magical planet made up of islands, each with its own distinct characteristics, artistic style, and ambiance. Some islands are enchanted, some are not, and some are a mix of both. Each island has a set of unique characters that will be featured in five to ten stories.” The Kazaz! app is free to download for iPad and until October 26th, comes with 3 stories at launch.  After October 26th, two of the stories will no longer be free so head over to itunes now and download Kazaz and the three stories! Here is a sneak peek of what you will get with these fun stories:


The Magic of Kazaz: Reveals the history of how Kazaz! became a magical planet. This story will always be free.


The stories are really fun and interactive.  We loved learning all about Kazaz and how it became a magical planet.  This really is a great place to start and a fun story to give meaning to the app as a whole.  One fun feature of these stories is that your child has the opportunity to  find hidden gems.  This is a fun interactive way for your kids to learn more, because when the tap a gem that they discover, they learn fun facts!


I Am the Music Man: Sing along with the Music Man in this hand-clapping, toe-tapping rendition of a classic children’s melody. Free with the Kazaz! app download through October 26th, $1.99 thereafter.


The I am the Music Man story was my favorite.  The Music Man plays all kinds of instruments and you get to listen to the little song and see him play!  My children love music so they really enjoyed seeing him play all of the different instruments. These stories combine sight, sound and touch to help maximize even the youngest child’s learning experience. IMG_2537

The Story of Wooding: The tale of an adventurous young swan who sets off on an exciting journey, free with the Kazaz! app download through October 26th, $2.99 thereafter.  


The Story of the Wooding is another fun one. The thing that I was most impressed with this story was the amazing art.  You can tell from the photo above how beautiful it is.  I love the artistic style and bright colors and you can even move your fingers across your ipad to extend the scene in different directions.  Don’t forget to look for your hidden gems in this story, too!

Even though Kazaz is a fantastic app that kids can use independently of their parents,  I found myself enjoying watching them play.  They would take a simple story that really wouldn’t take very long to read but because it is interactive they were perfectly happy and entertained learning and discovering.  My favorite part is that I could see my sons reading skills improving as he played along!  With Kazaz!, kids don’t just read a story, they experience it!

Kazaz! Storytime, reimagined

Kazaz! on the App Store from Kazaz! on Vimeo.

Don’t forget,  I Am the Music Man and The Story of Wooding are only available free until October 26th, so download now on Itunes.

Make sure and check out their official monthly newspaper (not newsletter),, will feature behind-the-scenes insights about our productions, human interest stories about our team members, as well as news about what is coming up in the world of Kazaz!  For more information, visit their website and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.