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Just Josie Headbands

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I had the opportunity to do a product review for Just Josie. You can find Just Josie on Etsy and on Facebook. I love going to the Just Josie page because not only do you find beautiful headbands, but her photography is amazing! They have lots of great styles and headbands for sale on their etsy site and all headbands can be made any size from newborn to adult!

I had the chance to review two different headbands. My daughter is a girly girl so she is very excited every time she gets something new and fancy. She fell in love with these headbands and wears them often!

The customer service from Just Josie is excellent! They are very kind, quick to answer all my questions and very easy to work with. I didn’t have any problems at all with working with them and it was a very positive experience. I will definitely be shopping there again because they were so kind. Receiving positive customer service always makes me more eager to visit again. Plus, having such cute items is an added plus!
I was very excited to review these headbands from Just Josie because looking at her amazing photography, it makes me want to re-create it all for myself. Being a hobby photographer her work and product inspires me. I love how her headbands really finish an outfit and can really add to a photo. I think her headbands are adorable but I was especially impressed with the quality of the headbands. I have bought headbands in the past that you receive them and they fall apart quickly but the headbands at Just Josie aren’t like this. Lauren has worn hers many time and they still look brand new.
I especially liked her fabric flower headbands. You can tell a lot of time and attention gets put into each headband to make sure that they are perfect. There aren’t any flaws in these and the details are neat. I hadn’t ever seen a fabric flower headband before and I think they are so much fun. I think they are unique from the headbands kids normally wear so they definitely stand out in such a great way. I think they are so pretty! I also love that the fabric she uses feels very high quality. I highly recommend Just Josie for the great quality of their headbands.
I think the little flower headbands that they make are so dainty and adorable! I love the color options that are available and the details of the little flowers are wonderful. I highly recommend Just Josie for their high quality, adorable headbands. These would make a great gift for baby, daughter or mom!
You will definitely have to take some time to look at her shop and see her adorable headbands!
Thank you so much for the opportunity to review your headbands! They are really adorable and such great quality!


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