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JewelScent Review

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I received a selection of product from JewelScent.  All opinions are my own.

I have heard a lot of people talk about the rings that they got inside of a candle and was always intrigued by the idea.  It seemed really fun to receive a prize inside your beautiful smelling candle.  🙂  We are a baseball family and love getting cracker jacks at ball games.  It is always fun to see what your Cracker Jack prize is.  Each item that you receive from JewelScent has its own fun prize inside! At JewelScent you can find scents, candles, wax tarts, aroma beads, bath and body products and each comes with a hidden jewel valued between $10-$7500.  How amazing would it be to find an $7500 ring inside your candle! 🙂

I received three different items for review.  I receive a Natural Soy Blend Candle, Aroma Beads and Luxury soap.  I have to admit, I was a little impatient with this review because I was SO excited to see what my rings looked like.  🙂


I loved the smell of the Luxe Collection Soy Blend Candle.  I asked specifically for a holiday scent and this Autumn candle is perfect.  Is has a great scent and fills your room with fantastic holiday smells. I have found that even when the candle is not lit, my house still has the great smell which makes the candle last a really long time.  A great smelling, long lasting candle AND a ring?  Seriously, does it get any better than that? Here is the ring that I found inside my candle:


My daughter quickly claimed this ring and thought it was so beautiful!  I thought it was pretty but not a style I would personally wear.  This ring  has an Appraised Value of $10.


The Citrus Pomegranate Aroma Beads smell amazing!  I had thought when I first received these that they were bath beads, but they are not.  They are made to be used like potpourri and used in your luggage, closet, wardrobe, in your car or other small space. I put the beads on a pretty tray and leave them in my bathroom so my bathroom is always smelling nice! Here is the ring I got in my Aroma Beads.AromaBeadsRingThis was my favorite ring that I received.  It is one that I would wear and I thought that it was really pretty.  Unfortunately it was too big for my finger, though.  I was very impressed with this find and love to learn that it had an appraised Value of $61.JewelScentSoapThe last item I reviewed was the Moroccan Argan Oil Luxury Soap.  I love how this soap smells and how it feels.  It leaves your hands feeling so soft and smelling good.  This definitely feels Luxury and is probably one of my favorite products.  Here is the ring that I received in my soap:

I thought this was another beautiful ring and I was excited to find it!  It had an appraised Value of $60.

JewelScent product make a fantastic holiday gift, many of which would fit in a stocking.  If you are looking for the perfect gift for that special lady or a jewelry loving friend, you will love JewelScent! Where the rings I received were not my size, I was very impressed by the quality, style and beauty of the designs.  I definitely would find this a really fun gift to receive and really enjoyed my JewelScent Review! For more information and to see all of the scents and products they offer, you can visit them online at

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