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I’m not that old, but I sure remember the days when there were no cell phones.  Man, I couldn’t imagine ever going back to those days because it is so incredibly convenient to text some one when you have a questions.  I love text messaging.  Quick, easy and to the point and you have everything you need. When I am on the go, with my smart phone, I am always up to date with my emails.  I never have to worry that I am going to miss something because I am always connected.  Its so easy.  So convenient.  It seems like Cell phones are changing so much daily in bringing to opportunities to help us save time and make our life easier.  As a mom of four, I am all about finding ways to save time and make my life easier!

I do everything on my phone.  I use it as my alarm clock.  I use it as my planner.  I use it for email, social medial, texting and calling family.  I use it as my dictionary and my encyclopedia.  Any question I have, I google it.  I use my phone as my cook book.  My phone is my doctor.  When I or a kid gets sick, I pull out my phone to find out what remedy I can use.  When I am unsure, I use my phone as a phone book and find a doctor.  My phone is my calculator, my flash light and even my camera.  My phone is my GPS, my music and a place to watch movies.  I can shop from my phone, read a book and write a blog.  When I am not doing all of these things, I can be playing a game or entertaining my kids all with my phone.  Now, I can even pay for what I but at a store.  With my phone.  I think that is pretty amazing.

If you are in Salt Lake City, UT or Austin, TX you have probably seen the billboards and commercials about Isis.  I had first learned about it from seeing the billboards along the freeway which really peaked my interest.  You can find the Isis Mobile Wallet holds virtual versions of many things your wallet does.  Including selected payment cards.  It allows you to shop and pay, directly from your phone.  So how exactly does this work?

It is so easy to use and I know this because I have used it a few times now.  Once the app is installed and ready to use on your phone go shopping!  🙂  To find a list of places where the Isis Mobile Wallet is accepted, you can visit them online at:   When you are finished shopping, instead of pulling out your wallet you can pull out your phone to pay.  One things I love, is that to open the app you quickly enter your password.  This is so important because naturally security is top importance.  Then with a tap of your phone, you can pay for your purchase.  Its really as easy as that!

To make Isis extra cool, when you go into the Isis Mobile Wallet you can find lots of awesome offers to help you save some money as you shop.  My husband and I are big Jamba Juice fans.  When we pay with our phones we can also use one of our great Isis offers and receive a buy one get one free Jamba Juice offer!  Another convenient thing that your Isis Mobile Wallet offers is that you can store your loyalty cards on it, so you don’t have to have a bunch of plastic cards on your key chain!  I think they had me in mind when they develop the features with Isis.  It has definitely helped my life be easier and more convenient.  Right now, Isis is in SLC and Austin and I’m excited to see where it goes from there!  For more information on the Isis Mobile Wallet you can visit them online at