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I Scream, You Scream, We all Scream for ICE CREAM!

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I believe, that just because fall is here, it is not the time to put away delicious treats like Ice Cream and Popsicles.  They are a delicious year round treat. I have a serious sweet tooth, so I could probably eat ice cream on a daily basis. I had the opportunity to review these items.  All opinions are my own. Here are some great treats available from Fruttare, MAGNUM Ice Cream, Popsicle, Breyers, Good Humor, and Klondike

We had the opportunity to try out Breyers Ice Cream and we chose Neapolitan Ice Cream.  This is one of my go to flavors because you have three ice cream choices!  Everyone seems to be happy with this choice because they are able to get some of each kind or just one of their favorite.  We tried this ice cream for my daughters second birthday with all the family over and it was a big hit!  I also really love all of the new Girl Scout Flavors.

Have you had a chance to try out the new Fruttare product line?  I highly recommend it.  We have had it a few times since the review.  My husband loves the delicious, creamy Coconut and Milk fruit bar and I love the Banana and Milk.  They are made with real fruit and milk and are simply delicious!

I definitely have many memories surrounding a Klondike Bar.  They were always some of our favorites to chose from the Ice Cream truck when I was a kid.  I love being able to share this nostalgic treat with my kids.  We reviewed the Klondike Oreo Bars and they were delicious.  Oreo Ice Cream has always been one of my favorites, so this was a delicious chocolate covered treat!

Ok, confession time.  I didn’t share my Magnum Mini Double Caramel Bars.  Nope, not even one.  I hid them in the back of the freezer and I enjoyed this luxurious treat for myself.  They are that good.  They are rich, chocolately goodness.  They are the perfect size for a quick guilt-free treat.  When they say good as gold, they aren’t kidding.  I think I might need to run to the store and get more.  Like right now.

Kids love Popsicles.  My kids eat about a million boxes during the summer because they are a great way to cool down and a delicious treat.  My son chose the Air Heads Popsicles and they were a big hit between my kids and the cousins.  They are fun flavors and taste really good.  If you have a chance to try out the Yosicle line, I recommend it, too.  I really like the Chocolate & Vanilla. 

Oddly, I searched multiple stores near me, and I was unable to find any Good Humor bars.  I would have loved to try the Reese’s Peanut Butter pumpkin-shaped ice cream, though! They sound delicious though so hopefully you have them in stores near you!

 Not only during the summer months, but year round!  Its never too cold for ice cream in my mind.  You can find MAGNUM, Breyers, Klondike, Good Humor and Popsicle and stores near you.   Enjoy!

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