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Halloween Spooky Mantel Crafts
I love decorating for holidays. It is always so much fun to pull out the crafting supplies and create. There is something calming and fabulous  about crafting. I love it because not only is it fun to see what you can come up with, but the world is yours to be able to do whatever you please. It seems like September 1st hits and I pull out all my fall decorations and I deck out my house with oranges, yellows and browns that last until the last day of November. My decorations are very fall related and I often forget about Halloween. This year, I decided to make Halloween specific decorations so we can really enjoy this season.
I had the wonderful opportunity to receive some items from the Pebbles Thirty One Collection Halloween line. This line was spectacular and so much fun to work with. If you remember a few months ago, I had the opportunity to preview this collection at the pebbles store. Here are some of the amazing projects they created:
I made four different projects with this Halloween line that I am excited about. They really help to make the perfect Spooky Halloween Mantel. Here are some fun ideas for you:
DIY Halloween Candle

I love projects that look really fun but are really easy to make. The DIY Halloween Beware Candle is a super fast project that looks great. All you need is a pack of American Crafts Spooky Foam Stickers. You can use whatever Spooky Halloween word of your choosing. I thought Beware was a perfect Spooky one. 🙂

My kids are always wanting to give little gifts to their friends at each different holiday. We were talking about what we good do for Halloween and we came up with a little gift bag that they could put small pieces of candy, stickers and small toys in. This was easy to make, I used the adorable polka dot bags and decorated with pebbles phrase and accent stickers. I cut the Spiderweb out using Pebbles paper and my Cricut Mini. The fun thing about the accent stickers is that each bag can be different and a lot of fun.
DIY Happy Haunting Framed Picture

This was one of my favorite crafts that I made. I loved how it turned out! I cut out the Happy Haunting with my Cricut Mini and then used Pebbles scrapbook paper to make the photo pop. I love how it looks like a hill and a creepy orange sky! The great paper designs and bold colors really help make the picture pop.

Halloween Pumpkin Garland
Every holiday, I make a holiday specific garland to hang over my fireplace mantel. I really feel that it looks nice but also has a fun factor! 🙂  I used Pebbles Thirty One Collection Halloween Paper and used my Cricut Mini to cut out pumpkins. I attached the pumpkins to twine using mini clothes pin.
Spooky Paper Bats Crafts
This last craft wasn’t made using Pebbles product but it really added to the fun and spookiness of the mantel. Using the Cricut Mini, I was able to cut out these fun bat shapes that I taped on the mantel to complete the finishing look of the perfect, spookiest Halloween Mantel. 

You can learn more about the Pebbles Thirty One Collection Halloween Line on the Pebbles blog. At visit for other supplies for these projects.