Holiday Gift Guide Zumba Fitness World Party for the Wii

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I think video games are such wonderful tools for health and fitness.  There are so many people that struggle with working out, because they simple don’t feel comfortable leaving their  house or don’t have the time to go to the gym.  I know for me personally, I love to dance.  I’m not a very coordinated dancer, though, so I am most likely not going to ever make it to a Zumba class because I would feel uncomfortable, though.  On the other hand, the idea of taking a Zumba Class, in the comfort of my own home, wearing my pajamas, is something I can do.  Zumba Fitness World Party lets you ESCAPE on a fitness adventure, in the comfort of your home.
In this game, you can experience going around the world with your workout.  You can take your workout to Brazil, Hawaii, Europe, India and more as you workout to exotic rhythms of cultures around the world.  Doesn’t this sound like a blast?  From the comfort of your home, you can travel to 7 destinations, take 45 classes and get fit with Zumba Fitness World Party.

I have had an opportunity to try this game out and found that it is a lot of fun. You have instructors in the game so you can see exactly what mores you should be doing and you can earn rewards and customize your workouts to what you need.  The workouts are especially fun for me, because you get to workout to music by upbeat artists including Lady Gaga, Marc Anthony, Daddy Yankee, Priyanka and more.

This game also includes expanded tutorials if you feel like you need a little more help learning the moves.  I am not coordinated when it comes to workout, but I felt that Zumba Fitness World Party was do-able and a lot of fun.  You can workout alone, or you can workout with up to 4 people  I find that one or two of my kids like to join in on the fun when I am playing.  Drink some water and get ready for a workout! Zumba Fitness World Party is a great addition to my holiday gift guide because it offers fun, fitness and experience to the user.
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  1. I'm glad they finally came out with these for the Wii! They are normally always for Xbox Kinect which I don't have!

  2. I have Zumba on the older Wii console. Might have to grab the Wii U to get this!

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