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I received the Pinypon Snow Ski Lodge & Snow Adventure Car & Tow for review.  All opinions are my own. 

Okay, this set is awesome.  There is so much to do with the Pinypon Snow Ski Lodge & Snow Adventure Car & Tow that your kids will be entertained for hours.  I hadn’t heard of this brand previous to doing this review, but I am glad I know about it now because it is so much fun.  This set is for ages 4 and up so they will need parents help getting set up.  This only took me about 20 minutes and was really easy to do.  There are lots of pieces for your kid to play with while you are getting the set ready, so they will be happy for you! 🙂  For the most part, this set comes assembled.  You mostly need to click a few pieces like doors and furniture onto the ski lodge and add stickers. 
I love the characters in the Pinypon Snow Ski lodge play set.  They are fun bright colors, ready for winter and ready to be accessorized.  For example on the picture below, the cute snowflake on her head can be changed out for a flower or bow, and if you look at her feet, her shoes can be changed out to be wearing ice skates, skis or a snow board.  This really makes it fun interactive play for kids and gives them the opportunity to use their imagination as they change the characters.
The Snow Adventure Car & Tow playset is a fun one to go with the Ski Lodge because it adds a new level of play for the kids.  This set is bright and fun and carries all of the gear your characters could possibly need at the Ski Lodge.  This comes with accessories that can be used with the Ski lodge.  As pictured below, the trunk also opens to store more gear. I love the fun details on this set, like the stars/flowers in the wheels, bright colors and accessories. At only $12.99 this set is a must have to build the collection.  

As you can see in the photos, there is a lot for your kid to do with this great playset.  A moveable elevator and take them to the top of the skill hill, your characters really can sled or ski down the hill, there is an ice skating rink for more winter fun, and accessories like plates, cups, and utensils for when your characters need a break from skiing!

I really liked that this set could be used on one side for outdoor play and the other side for indoor play.  The outside section was perfect for sledding, ice skating or playing with the snowman.  The indoor set was perfect for cooking a meal, or taking a nap.  This opened up the kids imagination that they could truly play a full game with this playset.  My son would have the characters hop in the car to drive to the Ski Lodge and they would have fun playing on the hill, ice skating and enjoying a snack.  When they were finished  they would hop in the car, drive back home and take a nap. I love sets that the kids have the opportunity to role play, use their imagination and develop their own stories. At just $39.99, the Pinypon Snow Ski Lodge is a perfect holiday gift. 

Check out this short video with the  Pinypon Snow Ski Lodge & Snow Adventure Car & Tow in play.  You can see the ski hill in action!  Enjoy!

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