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I received a Nenuco Sleep With Me Baby Doll & Cradle for Review.  All opinions are my own.

My daughter loves baby dolls.  I love that nurturing seems to come natural to a little girl.  They love to hold, rock and snuggle a baby doll.  The Nenuco Sleep with Me Baby Doll is an adorable, snuggly baby doll that was the perfect size for my daughters arms, at 16.5″. This set came with a bottle and pacifier so my daughter could learn to take care of a baby doll, just as a mother takes care of their baby.

My daughter loved being able to feed her and give here the pacifier.  She would be holding the baby and then saying “oh no, baby is hungry” and quickly get her a bottle. Later if she thought her baby was sad, she would get her the pacifier.  I could tell that it made her feel like a big girl that she got to take care of baby all by herself.

This adorable set also comes with a Cradle so your child can always keep their baby close to them.  As a parent, I know how much I always wanted to keep my baby close to me.  This allows your child to comfort their baby, and keep them close, just as mommy did for them.  If your child is still in a crib like mine is, this Cradle can also be used as a stand alone cradle, allowing your child to play and interact with her baby wherever she goes.  This Cradle set comes with a pillow and blanket to keep baby cozy as well as a star nightlight with music to keep baby feeling safe.  I’m sure that your child will use the night light and music to help them feel safe and comfortable, too!
At just $29.99 this makes a great gift for ages 3+.  We have added this item to our Holiday Gift Guide because it is a great set for younger kids to snuggle and enjoy.  It also is an educational set as it teaches them to nurture and comfort a baby doll. Kids watch their parents and try to be like them.  This is a great set to teach them kindness, nurturing and being just like their mommy. Nenuco Sleep With Me Baby Doll & Cradle is sold at ToysRUs and Kmart.

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