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My little sister is amazing.  When it comes to baking she can make anything.  Not only anything, but they are such beautiful works of art that look amazing and taste amazing.  I have never been as lucky when it comes to baking.  I can cook all of the basics and they taste great, but they never look anywhere near as pretty as what she makes!  I was very excited when I had the opportunity to do Bake Pops reviews because my kids love cake pops and I felt that this kit made them seem easy enough that I could do!
This review was so much fun to do and even more fun to eat!  I was so excited because the instructions are so easy to follow and  Bake Pops are so easy to make!  I felt like a great baker and my kids were especially impressed!!  🙂  All you need to do to make these awesome BakePops  is mix your favorite cake mix together.  They recommended adding an extra egg, cutting the liquids in half using milk instead of water and adding a pudding mix.  I followed the directions that they gave us and it it made perfect, moist and delicious cake pops.  
My first pan of cake pops was a learning experience for me.  I wasn’t sure how full to fill the pan, and I overfilled it.  Luckily there is a whole in the top of the lid pan which allows for the access to escape so you still have perfect shaped cake pops.  I thought this was a great feature and my kids loved being able to eat the extra pieces that came out of the hole.
The hardest part for me in this process was melting the chocolate.  I don’t know what was wrong, but I started with a bag of chocolate chips and they didn’t melt.  They got clumpy and didn’t melt.  Luckily I had a bag of red melts made specifically for melting and they worked great.  It was so much fun covering the cake pops and decorating them with sprinkles.  The thing I love best about this, is not only are they so easy to make but they are a lot of fun!  They can be made for any holiday or event just by changing the color of chocolate and sprinkles.
Personally, I think they turned out great and tasted fabulous!  I was so excited because I was easily able to make a treat that my kids were excited about and I was proud of.  I know that if we gave them away for gifts at the holidays or my kids had them at their birthday party, everyone would be impressed and my kids would be so excited.  What do you think, didn’t they turn out great!  They are delicious chocolate cake on the inside!  My favorite!

I have decided to add the Bake Pop pan to my Holiday gift guide.  I think this is such a fun gift for the home that will be very appreciated and loved.  It is so easy to use and you can make such a delicious treat from them!  I am grateful for the chance to work with them for Cake Pop Reviews because I feel this is a product that is so much fun, easy to use, great way to hang out with your kids and makes a delicious treat.  Sounds win/win to me!
I can think of so many people on my gift buying list that would love a bake pop pan.  I was so excited when I saw that they are having this amazing promotion!  For only $19.99 plus shipping you get TWO bake pop pans plus accessories!  This is an amazing deal that I highly recommend!
For more information you can find Bake Pops Online at Amazon.