Holiday Gift Guide- Build-A-Bear Workshop Review and Giveaway!

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I was provided a Fluttershy – My Little Pony at no charge by Build-A-Bear Workshop for review.  All opinions are my own.

This Christmas, you can give a Gift to RememBEAR from 
Build-A-Bear Workshop! My kids love 

Build-A-Bear Workshop and I must say that I am very impressed with the selection and quality you can find there.  I especially love the NEW Holiday products launching this season! Check out some of my favorites:

Christmas Classics
Make everyone’s season beary and bright with classic Christmas friends.

Make-your-own Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer ($25) and his special friend Clarice ($25)  Kids can cuddle up with Wishes Santa ($20), or make Frosty the Snowman ($23).


This Holiday, FLUTTERSHY® (available November 29), PINKIE PIE®, RAINBOW DASH®, and PRINCESS TWILIGHT SPARKLE® ($25 each) are ready for new adventures.

We had the opportunity to review FLUTTERSHY from the My little Pony show.  I enjoyed playing with My little Pony’s when I was young and my girls love watching the show now so I was so excited when I saw that Build-A-Bear Workshop was offering them as part of their holiday products. 

I don’t think I could be more impressed with the Build-A-Bear Workshop product.  You’ll definitely have to order one of these for Christmas because you definitely have to see in person the incredible quality and details!  Sometimes I miss being a kid and being able to play with things like this!  Although, I am seriously considering buying the Christmas Classic selection above.  I love having holiday decorations that I feel comfortable with my kids playing with, knowing they wont break, and the Build-A-Bear Workshop Christmas Classic collection would be perfect for that.

I could go on and on about what I love about Fluttershy.  I’m sure that you can tell from the photos that she is simply adorable.  What girl wouldn’t love to get this for Christmas?  Here are the things that stand out most to me.

1. Quality.  The quality of the Build-A-Bear Workshop animals are incredible.  This is truly a top of the line product that is made to last.  My children have bears from years ago that they have snuggled and loved nightly and they are still in perfect condition.  This is so important to me as a parent, because if I am going to spend money on a product, I love to know that it is going to last. 
2. Details.  I love details.  They add so much to a product and the details on Fluttershy are stunning.  I love everything from her sparkly wings, to her beautiful eyes.  I recommend Personalizing your pony friends with clothing and accessories to make the perfect gift.  Fluttershy is Dressed in her signature capes ($13.50) which ads so much style and added detail.  I also adore the sparkly sequin shoes! So adorable!

3. Bright Colors- I love colors.  One of my favorite things about a My Little Pony is that they are all individual, different and full of bright colors. I find bright colors to be so fun and happy.  The colors on Fluttershy are so beautiful an really make for a fancy, stuffed animal.  

4. Snuggle-ability.  Lets face it.  Stuffed animals are meant to be hugged and snuggled and loved.  The first thing my daughter did when picking up Fluttershy was give her a giant hug and she will receive thousands more through out the years.  My kids use their Build-A-Bear Workshop animals in such a personal way.  They love them, hold them and snuggle them when they are sad.  They talk to them, tell them their problems and hold them tight night after night.  Fluttershy is so snuggly, I don’t think my daughter has put her down all day!

5. Hair-  We all know how important hair is for a My Little Pony! 🙂  I love her long flowing hot pink hair.  It is beautiful  fun for a little girl to play with and perfect with just a little bit of curl.  

Isn’t she stunning:
I have decided to add Build-A-Bear Workshop My Little Pony and the Classic Christmas Collection to my holiday gift guide because I know it is a gift that will be cherished and loved for years to come!

Giveaway Time! 

One lucky Momsreview4you reader will win a $25 Bear Buck$ gift card to Build-A-BearWorkshop to experience the magic of creating their own furry friend!

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