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I received the following items for review from Blue Orange Games.  All opinions are my own.

I love games.  There is nothing better than sitting around the table and playing games.  Blue Orange games have lots of games that are perfect for families.  They have options that are great for younger ages or enjoying as adults.  I had the opportunity to review the following games:

We loved this game!  Its funny, even as an adult I played this a lot with my kids.  This was especially enjoyed by my 2 year old and my 5 year old.  Naturally, they enjoyed it very differently.  My 2 year old would just try to put the blocks on the monkey and it would fall over quickly, Whereas my 5 year old followed the rules and loved making it as challenging as possible for himself.  The purpose of this game is to for little learners to find out just how many balls Keekee can juggle. Keekee is balancing on a banana, so if he is unbalanced in one direction, he will fall over and drop all the blocks. My kids were so concentrated when they were playing, but would laugh so hard whenever he lost balance, that it really was priceless! This is a fabulous game, because it develops dexterity while teaching the principles of weight and balance, all while having lots of fun!

I don’t know what it is about dice games, but I really like them.  Flash is an extra fun dice game because its about speed.  This game is so much fun because everyone works so hard to go fast that we end up laughing a lot!
In this game, the players race through 8 challenges in order to get the most points. It is a very competitive game but really keeps you on your toes and thinking. The object of this game is to compete the challenge first which teaches kids quick thinking and acting. Where it is a competitive game, it isn’t a hard game so your kids will really enjoy getting in on the fun. This game worked based with my children that were ages  and older. I highly recommend this game for our Holiday Gift Guide and think that it would make a perfect stocking stuffer!

Nada is a nother really fun dice game to play as a family.  Any kid would be excited to get this in their stocking!  This game is about rolling and matching dice.  I felt that this game is easier that younger ages can get in on the fun.  My 5 year old enjoyed playing with us.  We had to go a little slower in the beginning, but after he caught on he could keep up.  In this game, players roll two groups of dice and searching for matches. You have to think fast and act fast to snatch the perfect match!  Get ready for some fun and lots of laughter!

For more information about these games, and other games that Blue Orange Games offers, you can visit them online!


  1. Sound like fun games. What is the age range to KeeKee the monkey?<br />

  2. Oooh, these sound like some great games. Love that they have the little bag, too, for easy clean up

  3. I love games in general too, and dice games are fun because they&#39;re totally based on chance and there&#39;s a lot of excitement in that!

  4. I think the monkey game is adorable. It&#39;s so colorful for young children. What a great collection!

  5. The Rocking Monkey game looks cute and it&#39;s always a bonus if the parent can actually enjoy playing with the kids – cause you know they will want you to play a million times!

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