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I received Samples from Mrs. Freshley’s for review. All opinions are my own.
We had a great time trying delicious snack products from Mrs. Freshley’s. We were able to sample the Honey Buns, Donut Sticks, and Powdered Mini Donuts. This is just a small sampling of all the yummy goodies that Mrs. Freshley’s has to offer! Check out more snack cakes here:
Mrs. Freshley’s also sent us some fun recipe ideas that we were excited to try! The kids had a great time making treats that would be perfect for a Christmas party! Enjoy these Holiday Dessert Ideas! 
 We added chocolate and some Christmas sprinkles to the Donut Sticks. They tasted as good as they look! This is a great idea that you can customize year round. On Valentines day, use red and heart sprinkles. Fourth of July, you could use red, white and blue. You could also use all the colors in the rainbow to make a delicious Birthday Donut Stick! They are so easy to make and are a perfect addition to Christmas morning breakfast.
 We also had fun making snowman and snowman faces with the Powdered Mini Donuts. These are so fun and perfect for the holidays because they are a recipe that takes so little time, but the kids love the whole process. Everything from decorating to eating!
Isn’t he cute!
You definitely have to try the delicious Merry Berry Honey Bun Trifle. This Trifle is made extra yummy with the Honey Buns, fresh fruit and whipped cream. This would be perfect for a holiday snack or New Years day treat! 
 Next time you are out shopping, pick up of box of Mrs. Freshley’s for YOUR honey bun! And have a very Merry Christmas!
These recipes are great, semi-homemade twists on holiday desserts and are perfect for parties as they require minimal prep and look fun and festive.