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Sharing is Caring!!
Has your child ever thrown food at you? Yelled and screamed or flat out refused to eat what you made? I know that this has happened to be over and over again. Every mom and dad probably could write a book on the stories they have experienced around eating. Stories from the Bright Side”, is a really fun campaign that shows all moms and dads that we are not alone. Others are dealing with the same things we are!  This campaign shines a humorous light on situations that all parents have experienced around feeding.   Happy Family brings the hilarious stories of 7 mommy and daddy bloggers, acted out by improv comedians to show us that this situations really can be funny. They believe that the ability to laugh, lift your mood, and share a bit of brightness with other parents is the true beauty of the “Stories from the Bright Side” campaign

I have four kids.  I love them a lot, but hey, they can be hard.  Especially when it comes to eating.  Being a young mom during the “Pinterest Age” I daily see creative recipe after recipe on how moms are trying to get their kids to eat healthier.   Healthy eating is important to me, but it is sure hard to get my kids to eat broccoli or carrots, or many other of the healthier options.  I think all moms have the stories of successes and fails.  I definitely know that I have my share!  Probably more fails than successes, but looking back many of those fails give me great laughs, now!

I made it my goal to find creative ways to get my kids to eat healthier, so I set out to develop the perfect recipe for my kids.  At this time, slyly adding veggies to your children’s meals were very popular so I researched all about it and decided that I was going to give it a try.  One of my kids favorite meals is homemade Macaroni and Cheese so I figured that this would be a great place to start.  Most commonly, moms had snuck cauliflower into this meal, but I didn’t have any one hand.  I figured, why not puree up some broccoli to mix in instead.  

Genius.  Right?  

Yeah, not so much.  Remember the “sly” part that I mentioned above?  Our Macaroni and Cheese turned the grossest color of green possible.   I was determined though, to get my kids to eat their Macaroni and Cheese because if I didn’t then naturally, that meant I failed and getting my kids to eat healthy.  I served it onto their plates only to really see how GREEN this meal was and knew that there was no way my kids would eat it.  Being the genius that I was, I decided to make a game of it and told my kids that they could eat in the dark.  

Fun, huh!  I knew if they could “SEE” their food, there would be no chance that they would eat it.  I mean, seriously.  Its GREEN! They took their first bite, I was sure that I had them fooled.  Then before I could stop him, my oldest declared that something didn’t taste quite right, and switched on the lights to try to figure out why.  That was the end of that meal.  Note to self.  Next time, use Cauliflower.

When little ones meet food. Funny things happen.

Because I am not alone in the crazy and funny things that happen with food, Happy Family partnered with 7 mommy and daddy bloggers to bring their “Funny Feeding” Stories from the Bright Side to life for other moms and dads to enjoy.  These videos are launched every week for 4 weeks starting June 13th:

      • o   Week #1 – Jim Lin / Busy Dad Blog & Kelcey Kintner / Mama Bird Diaries
      • o   Week #2 – Linda Sharps / The Sundry Mourning & Kristen Howerton / Rage Against The Minivan
      • o   Week #3 – Candy Kirby / The Laughing Stork & Morgan Shanahan / The 818
      • o   Week #4 – Shazi Visram  & Kristen Chase / Motherhood Uncensored

You can view this videos on Facebook.

As part of the Stories from the Bright Side campaign, you are invited to submit your own Stories from the Bright Side on the Happy Family Facebook App, by sharing a video or written story and image of their own personal experiences around food and kids.  The campaign launched June 13th, and all submissions will be judged by a panel from Happy Family for a chance to win a $20,000 towards college.

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