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Gummy Drop!, the newest game from Big Fish

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Big Fish has released yet again, another winner. I really enjoy playing games on my phone.  I find it relaxing to play one of my favorite games when I have a few minutes and right now my game of choice is Gummy Drop.  I have many that I like, but this one I really enjoy because it brings a much higher level of a challenge than others.

In Gummy Drop, the goal is to “rebuild famous landmarks across the globe, players much match gummies in groups of 3 or more to collect building resources.  Each landmark may require more than one building resource and, unlike most other Match-3 games where you simply move on from level-to-level,  Gummy Drop allows players to replay completed levels to collect special additional building resources.  Gummy Drop is a unique, highly repayable game releasing with hundreds of levels and new levels being added each month.”

As mentioned, there are hundreds of levels and I have only had the opportunity to get through about 50 of them.  I am already impressed though with how challenging, different and enjoyable each different level is.  Each new level brings different challenges that need to be accomplished.  The most difficult for me, are the timed levels.  Somehow my match solving mind requires time and those quick moving rounds really work your mind! Here is an example of some of the fun levels you will encounter in Gummy Drop:


At the end of completing different levels, you have the opportunity to earn different Boosts. They are great to have and very welcomed because some of the levels are really challenging and I have found that without a boost it takes playing the level again and again to win! There are a lot of great boost that you earn right at the perfect moment to help with a challenge.  Once the boost is used you have the opportunity to pay to use the boost again.


At the end of each level you earn Rewards.  These rewards are important for continued play.  You want to earn as much as you can to continue to higher levels in the game.  I have found that if I don’t have enough bricks or other required items I have to replay levels in order to continue.  I enjoy trying to beat my previous scores and getting a new high score!


When you have enough of the required reward items, you will be asked if you want to Build it.


If yes, you will spend the required items and the building will be built and new levels will open up for you to play.


Since the goal of the game is to rebuild famous landmarks across the globe the rewards you earn will help you to do this. I find this part of the game really fun because you can learn about Australia in the process.


One of my favorite features is the wheel that you can spin to try to get either more lives or more turns.  I have had so many times when I am one or two turns away from winning but I use up all my turns.  This gives me the chance to try to win a few more turns so I can win the level.  Sometimes you win, sometimes you don’t.  🙂  


Gummy Drop is a lot of fun.  It really is a thinker game that you have to make sure that the move you are about to make is the best one to make.  I love the variety of levels that I have come across. They are all so different but all very challenging.  My kids love trying to steal my turns from me and it is a fun game for all.  Here is one of my best scores:


Gummy Drop!, the newest game from Big Fish, is available now in the App Store

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