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Gummy Drop! is available on Android!

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Did you know that Gummy Drop! is available on Android!?!  I know that will make a lot of people happy.  Can I just say that Gummy Drop is my favorite game to play on my phone!  I know a lot of people have their go-to game and Gummy Drop is mine.  I like it because it is really fun but also very challenging.  There are some levels that I have to play again and again before I beat them.  I feel like it really keeps me thinking and working strategically.  Puzzle games have always been my favorite because they are thinker games, but having the fun music, bright colors makes it really fun. There are so many different kinds of levels and different kinds of challenges that keep you entertained and looking for more.  Some levels you have to gather bricks, diffuse bombs, or beat the timer.  I am always amazed with so many levels that they can all be so different!


About Gummy Drop

“Burst right into Sydney, Australia and begin your map-hopping Match-3 adventure!  Solve Match-3 puzzles to earn the resources you NEED to put the world map back together. Each new puzzle will be more challenging than the last, replay levels to get additional resources, and show your friends whose best by overtaking their high scores.” 


You are often rewarded in this game for high scores that give you boosts that help you in the game or tools that help you beat a level.  You earn gems, money and bricks along the way that help you progress to the new levels.  In this game, you are traveling the world while you play.  You go from one area at a time and when you complete that area you can go on to the next.


You are able to play each level multiple times.  This allows you to gain maximum points and goods as possible.  I find that if a level is really fun I like to play it the full amount of times because I enjoy it.  Each time, your point level goes up making it harder to win. I love the extra challenge!  When you are finished you can share your game and see the scores of your friends and family!

Gummy3+(1) In Gummy Drop, you go through a series of levels and at the end of the level if you have enough resources you are able to build a landmark for the country you are in.  Once it is built new levels open up for your playing.  You can also click on the landmark and learn more about it, which I think is really fun.  Here is the Gummy Drop Trailer for your enjoyment:

Gummy Drop! is available on Android!  You can download this game:

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