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GRIT hair products by Great Clips

Extra GRIT, have extra confidence. GRIT hair products by Great Clips gives you the edge.

GRIT hair products by Great Clips

As a mom of five kids I feel like life is always on the go. I am often pulled in so many directions that I think I'm going to go crazy! It is important on these days to do what I can to make my days less stressful. Anything that I can do to give me a few extra minutes are things that I am grateful for. I'm sure that you will agree, but some of the craziest moments of the day are getting the kids ready for school. With four kids in full day school, they are often fighting over who gets to use the bathroom because it takes time to get ready. Luckily with the Great Clips gets you looking great in no time with GRIT hair products.

GRIT hair products by Great Clips

GRIT Hair + Body

GRIT Hair + Body helps you to speed up your shower routine by multi-tasking with this three in one shampoo, conditioner and body wash. What a great way to help get ready fast with this great product that can clean and moisturize hair and skin.

Grit Body Refresh

GRIT Body Refresh

GRIT Body Refresh is called the "Febreze for fellas" because it helps neutralize odors. Easy to keep in your gym locker or in the car for when you need to get rid of unwanted odors.

GRIT Cleanse + Style

GRIT Cleanse + Style is the perfect shortcut when you don't have time for a shower. This foaming cleanser can be used to help clean your hair without any water. This product helps to eliminate odor and break down styling product.

GRIT Natural Style

For the no fuss guy, this natural style provides low hold and slight texture to give him the perfect on the go look.

GRIT Flexible Style

GRIT Flexible Style

For someone who wants a little more hold will love the Flexible Style that gives you a medium hold hairstyle. Great for the Indecisive guy. 🙂

GRIT Firm Style

GRIT Firm Style

This product is for the guy who knows exactly how he wants to look. This gel won't move giving him the exact look that he wants. This high hold product allows him to slick it up or stick it down.

It doesn't matter the style you want, these Great Clips products men help you to get the perfect look with little time spent. My boys in the house are able to look great and get ready quick so the girls can have the time that they need in the bathroom! My teenager loves that the GRIT product helps him to look like and has a bold masculine fragrance so he can look good and smell great at the same time.

To learn more about Great Clips GRIT you can visit them on Instagram.

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