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Great Family destinations- DISNEYLAND!!

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I am always looking for great family friendly destinations to visit. Living in Southern California, there are many great options. One natural choice that I think of when visiting Southern California is going to disneyland.

Disneyland is definitely the ultimate definition of family friendly destination. My husband and are are disney people. We spent out honeymoon at disneyworld and we’ve collected disney pins and other disney collectibles. Thanks to disney, we had a great opportunity to visit disneyland as a family! Here are some great moments from our trip!

One thing that we always love going on is the train! It is a great time to relax but also still enjoy the sites of disney.
Some more on the train…

Rob took Lauren and Robbie on Star Tours and disneyland so Benjamin and I decided to watch the “street party” parade. It was actually quite fun because they stop right in front of you and stay there for about 10 minutes and dance.

There were all sorts of characters dancing right in front of us. This shot was taken at the very end. This was the last second of the show when the song ended and confetti was shot off into the air. I thought it turned out great how they both put there hands in the air right when I took the picture.

We started to listen to this Mariachi band play. They were really good. Rob had is birthday button on so they started to sing Happy Birthday to him.
Then they turned to Lauren and started singing the Cinderella song because she was wearing her Cinderella dress.
You know Lauren…of course, she had to start dancing. I got really lucky with this shot because I was not ready with a camera, didn’t a chance to adjust the zoom and just took what I got. I was so glad that it turned out!



Here are some pictures I took from around the parks!


Disney has very fun decorations. Around the tiki room they have these cool tiki guys so I got a few pictures!

I can not believe how many amazing and fond memories I have of disney. I remember being a little girl and riding the train with my dad, I remember being older and going on the bigger rides with my siblings, I remember being pregnant and being able to enjoy all the shows, and my favorite, is that I remember seeing the joy on my kids faces as the discovered all of the magic that disney offers!
Disneyland truly is a wonderful family friendly destination! You will have so much fun and build amazing memories!
Thank you disney for allowing my family to go to the parks to build such great memories.

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