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Going Back to School can be FUN! #ptpabts

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My kids love going Back to School, but it also makes them very nervous. They work very hard the day before to make sure that everything is in order.  Their backpack is neatly organized with all their school supplies, their lunch is made and their clothes are laid out.  The morning of the first day of school, they typically are up, dressed and ready by 6 am because with the nerves and excitement they just can’t sleep any longer.  I try to teach my kids that even though they are nervous and scared that going Back to School can be fun.  I like to make the first day of school really special for them.  Just because school is about learning doesn’t mean that learning isn’t fun.  After a long day of school, my kids were exciting to come home to a few special treats.


 Can I just say- AH-may-ZING!  Talk about the best ever after school Back to School treat.  If you really want to spoil your kids and give them something so delicious, Rich’s “Our Specialty” Nut-Free Cookies are just about the best thing ever.  These went so fast! The first thing that my kids do when they get home from a long day of school is have their after school snack.  On a typically school day we have goldfish, crackers, or some other semi-healthy treat.  They were so thrilled when I pulled out the most amazing looking cookies every! (and yes, three were already missing when I brought them out.  sigh. 😉 )

With nut allergies being such a growing problem, these cookies are  100% peanut-free and tree-nut-free cookies so they would also be a delicious option for birthdays at school.  If mom and dad don’t eat them all before they get them to school.  I’m not kidding, they are that good.  Rich’s “Our Specialty” Nut-Free Cookies are available in many varieties, including Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin, Snickerdoodle, Fudge Brownie and our signature Frosted Sugar cookies.  I am definitely wanting to try them out in all of the different flavors.  Going back to school is much more fun with Rich’s Nut-Free Cookie!


 After we enjoyed a delicious snack and had the opportunity to talk all about their first day of school we sat down to quickly do homework.  Luckily there isn’t much on the first day of school so we had lots of time for play.  And we did some serious playing with just about the coolest thing ever.  Sphero.  If you haven’t heard of Sphero, go to the store and buy it now because it provides kids and ADULTS with hours of fun.  Not kidding about the adult part , I could hardly pry it away from my husband!


 Sphero 2.0 is like the coolest do everything robot.  I had no clue what to expect with this but it is really so much fun.  It is a big white ball that you sync to your phone or tablet and you can control it.  You can drive it around your floor, go over ramps and do so many fun things.


Sphero makes learning and education fun, their company says it best, “Sphero creates connected toys – but that’s not all. By fusing technology with robotics, their toys are teaching and inspiring tomorrow’s inventors and innovators. Programming isn’t easy, but you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to give kids a strong foundation. All you need is a Sphero.”  I love that.  Teaching and Inspiring Tomorrow’s Inventors and Innovators.  Awesome.  Sphero makes learning and Back to School fun. Sphero

 The coolest thing about Sphero is that since it is synced to your phone there is all kinds of interactive app play that all of your kids will love.  (and adults)  There are 25+ free apps that you can download to use with your Sphero.  Each app is different and a lot of fun.  We know, because we tried every single one!  🙂  They all include interactive play but using the Sphero in different ways.  You can color on screen and then your Sphero will roll do your design. You can golf by swinging your cell phone and then sphero rolls. You can use the Sphero Cam to take video and photos.  Sharky the Beaver on screen actually sits on your virtual Sphero and as you control the real Sphero, Sharky moves around with it.   And so much more!  SO much more. Back to School just got really fun!


There are so many fun app choices.  This is what my phone now look likes:


Now hurry and go get one for your kids because Sphero makes learning fun.  And if you want to sit up late with your husbands and challenge him to a fun game, download Sphero Color Grab. This one was our favorite! The silly cookie loving rabbit tells you which color you are going for. Then your Sphero quickly changes colors and you have to quickly pick up your Sphero when it is the correct color.  If you get it right, you get points.  Its a multi player game, so you want to have the most points.  Be ready for lots of laughing!

SpheroColorGrab     I love photography.  I always capture first day of school pictures, walking to school pictures, after school pictures, pictures while playing and so much more.  I drive my kids crazy but I love capturing their smiles and their cute faces.  At the end of a perfect Back to School day, we enjoyed sitting around our LyveHome and talking about our memories from the day and get them excited for day two of school.  The Lyve is a great way to store and enjoy all of your memories.


You can quickly set up your Lyve and view your pictures with fast touch screen set up.  I downloaded the Lyve app to my phone and synced my photos to the Lyve so we could have a running slideshow of all of our Back to School photos.  It automatically stores all the photos from the devices that you sync and keeps them safe.  I love this because I know my photos are protected but I also get to enjoy seeing my photos.  How often do our photos just go onto our computer and then we hardly ever look at them again!  We have our Lyve set up in our main room so we can enjoy our photos all day long.


Going Back to School can be so much fun!  We had such a great First Day of School with these great products! Check out the PTPA Back to School Guide for lots of great products for making going Back to School fun.

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