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Did you know that September is childhood cancer awareness month?

In honor of it being childhood cancer awareness month, I wanted to let you know about a GREAT program that I discovered!!

Do you have a moment please,

to give a bear to one in need?
Cuz teddy bears needs hugs to live…
A Child with cancer has lots to give!
-Friends Like Us

What is Friends like us?
“We are a nonprofit childhood cancer organization with a goal to help children who have been devastated by cancer. With all the pain and heartache that can come with this disease, we want to leave a lasting impression of love and hope with them. It’s our hope that you catch a glimpse of our heart for Children with cancer and that in some way you are touched, moved or stirred to get involved. We must remain an inspiration to all we meet along the way.”


Chemo Bear was started by caring parents who have walked the road of childhood cancer themselves. Chemo Bear was designed to provide comfort and help deal with anxiety and fear in children diagnosed with cancer receiving chemotherapy.

Each year in the U.S. approximatley over 12,600 children are newly diagnosed with cancer and with each one of those children diagnosed comes fear, worry and pain. Friends Like Us wants to always be able to put a chemo bear into their hands to help them through their journey. No, we can’t take away their pain, but we can help with their fear & worry by visually educating a child about their treatments and what they will experience, as well as open up a line of communication with them for the doctors and caregivers.

Why A Teddy Bear?
The teddy bear is a symbol of love, security, comfort and friendship. At any stage of life, teddy bears represent happiness and safety as well as cheers us up when feeling lonely or sad. Friends Like Us has chosen the classic, yet loved by everyone teddy bear to help children through their journey with cancer.

How Can you help?

Adopt a Bear!!
For a donation of $25 or more, you can Adopt-A-Bear to help us provide a Chemo Bear and a child’s book about cancer to a child living with cancer. Not only will a Chemo Bear provide a huggable friend, but it will help begin the healing process of their journey through cancer. This Chemo Bear and book helps in visually teaching a child about their cancer treatments.

What will the child receive?

* The Black-Bear (18″ high quality, made extra soft for cuddling)
* Book “I’m a Kid Living with Cancer”
* An implantofix/port with tubing in Chemo Bears chest
* A real stethoscope (for the child to take care of the bear) and to listen to their own heart beat with.
* Medical Bag with Accessories (plastic syringe for giving bear chemo & medicines, gloves, alcohol wipes, mask)
* A diagnoses report for Bear (same as child’s diagnoses)
* Bear Shirt (personalized with child’s name on it)
* Chemo hat/bandana for bear/child
* Friendship Heart (our friendship connection)
* A Gift for any young siblings in house (age 12 or under)
* A hand-made greeting card (made by another child)