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Fiverr Personalized Letter from Santa Giveaway

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Have you heard of fiverr? It’s an awesome site where people list a bunch of things they are willing to do for you for $5. From logo design, to proofing essays to leaving flyers on a college campus, there really is something for everyone. They always have great promotions on their website, such as buy two get one free or send a freebie to a friend. They refer to these services as “gigs” and we’re excited to share a fun gig opportunity for Christmas.


For just $5 you can send your child a personalized letter from Santa! The letter includes personal details about your child (that you provide) and is signed by the Big Guy himself. It includes colorful stickers for your child and it is stamped with Santa’s official Naughty or Nice stamp! The best part? The letters mail from Christmas, Florida! Yes, CHRISTMAS! That’s really a place and we hear Santa vacations there right before Christmas! All of this for only $5! ¬†Click on the photo above or visit this link to get one for your child:

We love this gig and we’re excited to give away 3 Personalized Letter from Santa to lucky readers. Enter below!a Rafflecopter giveaway

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